MIS exhibits photos of Muslims of African descent in Brazil – Orientalissimo

Photographer Marcelo Schellini has been exhibiting since May 1 at the MIS (Museum of Image and Sound) a series of portraits of the Muslim community of African origin in Brazil. The “Tarikh al-Brasil” project (history of Brazil, in Arabic) is a record achieved in the ten years that Schellini has accompanied this neglected group. According to the description made by the photographer himself, it is a “visual statement of the visibility and invisibility” of these Muslims in the trajectory of the country.

Reduced to slavery, Muslims of African origin played a fundamental role in the social construction of the country. In 1835, they lead one of the main revolts of the 19th century, the Levante dos Malês. If this episode interests you, dear orientalists, it is worth looking for the fundamental study by researcher João José Reis – “Rebelião Escrava no Brasil” (Companhia Rebrasta Escrava no Brasil) (Companhia das Letras, R $ 99, 680 pages) .

Schellini’s photographs are part of a larger MIS project. In addition to its exhibition, five others will make their debut as part of the New Photography 2020 action. Free, “Tarikh al-Brasil” runs until August 1. It is necessary to follow health protocols during the visit – among them, take the temperature, wear a mask and social distancing.

A small Koran, part of the photo exhibition “Tarikh al-Brasil”. Reproduction credit

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