We must all embrace unprecedented aspirations to promote harmony between man and nature – 04/29/2021 – World

As climate change poses an increasingly serious challenge to the survival and development of humanity, the Covid-19 pandemic has deepened reflection on the relationship between humans and the environment.

At the recent Climate Leaders’ Summit, President Xi Jinping proposed to build “a living community between man and nature”, contributing to a Chinese solution to strengthen global governance of climate protection and environmental programs. ‘environment.

First, he indicated the direction of the evolution of global climate governance. President Xi Jinping stressed that the international community must embrace unprecedented aspirations and actions to promote harmony between man and nature, green development, systemic governance and a people-centered approach. It is necessary to follow the trend of the technological and industrial revolution and to make the best use of the development opportunities induced by the green transformation.

It is necessary to take advantage of innovation to vigorously promote the modernization of our economic, energy and industrial structures, in order to guarantee an ecological environment that supports the sustainability of economic and social development at the global level. It is also necessary to create synergies between environmental protection, economic growth, job creation and poverty eradication, in order to achieve social equity and justice in the transition process. green.

In addition, President Xi reiterated the principles of better global climate governance. He underlined the fundamental role of multilateralism, international law, the principle of equity and justice and effective actions to defend the international system centered on the United Nations, to respect the objectives and principles set out in the United Nations Framework Convention. on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Paris Agreement and to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Respecting the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, developed countries must show greater ambition and more action, with concrete efforts to help developing countries strengthen their capacity to face climate change and accelerate the transition to green and sustainable growth. Low carbon emissions.

Finally, President Xi underscored China’s determination to engage in global climate governance. The timeframe promised by China to achieve climate neutrality (until 2060) from its peak in CO₂ emissions (until 2030) is much shorter than that of industrialized countries.

To honor this commitment, an action plan is being developed with more assertive and broader measures, supporting selected sites and sectors so that they can reach the top as quickly as possible.

Stricter controls will be applied to coal-fired thermoelectric projects and the emission of other greenhouse gases other than CO₂. In addition, China’s domestic carbon market will begin its transaction. China continues to help developing countries build their capacity to cope with climate change through various forms of substantial South-South cooperation.

Committed to making ecological cooperation a priority in the joint construction of the Belt and Road partnership, China is committed to creating a fair and equitable system of global environmental governance and cooperation that benefits everyone.

As two large populated emerging countries, China and Brazil face challenges of economic growth and environmental protection. They therefore share a wide range of common interests and a huge potential for partnership. The UNFCCC COP26 will be held later this year and China will host COP15 of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity in October.

Now is the right time for our countries to intensify multilateral consultations on these programs, as well as to align policies with a “green recovery” of the economy after the pandemic.

By expanding cooperation in areas such as scientific and technological innovation, clean energy, smart agriculture and ecotourism, we will join forces to enable a new harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

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