US Climate Summit ‘Hype’ Lasts Shortly – 04/22/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Among major US newspapers, only the New York Times persisted more with the top in the online headline, “Biden urges US to halve emissions.” Below, he pointed out that Xi Jinping had not made “new commitments.”

The Wall Street Journal, which previously reported the cut, has been slow to pay attention, prioritizing employment data. And the Washington Post quickly dropped the meeting, reverting to the case of the officer convicted of the murder of George Floyd.

The Drudge Report didn’t even make headlines or a photo, preferring to highlight the Syrian missile that nearly hit an Israeli nuclear power plant and counterattack it.

American television, where possible, avoided more extensive coverage, with CNN and Fox News focusing on the Floyd affair and national political themes.

And the Politico, Washington website highlighted a Tory columnist criticizing the “overhype,” the hype surrounding the meeting because there is no way to guarantee anything:

“The American promise itself is unreliable. Would it survive a Republican Congress, maybe as early as next year?”


Also in Germany, at the time when government officials were speaking, including Angela Merkel, there was no headline on the FAZ, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Handelsblatt, all with other priorities.

The same is true of the Russian Kommersant at the English Financial Times, the French World being one of the European exceptions, with a title and, below: “A test of credibility for Biden”.

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