Earthquake damages buildings in northeast India – 04/28/2021 – Worldwide

A magnitude 6 earthquake hit the northeastern state of Assam in India on Wednesday (28), causing cracks in the walls and floors of some structures, but no deaths were reported. has been reported.

“This earthquake was the biggest I can remember, first there was a big shock, then a smaller one,” said a city policeman. “We did not receive a call for help, but people fled their homes.”

Residents rushed to the streets for fear of further tremors, with some claiming the earthquake left cracks in their homes.

“Our whole building was badly damaged, the roofs and walls collapsed,” said Subham Hazarika, a businessman who lives in a luxury apartment in Guwahati. “Fortunately, nobody was hurt.”

Strong tremors repeatedly hit other parts of northeast India and neighboring mountainous Bhutan.

“We have no reports of casualties, but we are seeing pictures and images of major damage,” Indian Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma told Reuters.

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