Dissolved Gas Analyzer Market To Register A Healthy CAGR For The Forecast Period 2024

The dissolved gas analyzer market is poised to cross the half-billion dollar mark by 2027, and a significant chunk of this revenue will arrive from the power industry. Considering the gravity of concerns associated with the use of faulty power transformers, operators of utility businesses are observed establishing frequent repair and maintenance programs for fault detection at an early stage by leveraging dissolved gas analyzers.

The high replacement cost of depreciating transformers, coupled with the low installation and maintenance cost required by dissolved gas analyzers, is the primary success factor promoting the growth of the dissolved gas analyzer market.

In the technology-driven landscape, players in the dissolved gas analyzer market rely on innovation for consolidation, and it is anticipated that, ongoing undercurrents of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will further complement the functionalities of these analyzers with the help of automation.

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Modern End Users Demand Intelligent Dissolved Gas Analyzers

In the power industry, where drudgery is a common feature, utility operators are rethinking their business models in the lines of intelligent ones that eliminate human intervention and offers remote access to the site. Given the influence of this demand, players in the dissolved gas analyzer market are integrating artificial intelligence with their products to develop neural networks that could facilitate AI-based DGA monitoring.

Several efforts have been taken by renowned institutes to analyze the combination of this technology. In 2019, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) categorized over 640,000 DGA records from 46,600 transformers from 27 utilities operating globally, to evaluate the scope of AI in the future development of DGAs.

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Consumption of Online Dissolved Gas Analyzers to Remain High

Competition in the DGA market is based on parameters such as longer lifespan, budget-friendliness, reliability, sensitivity, and maintenance requirements, which has led to the development of non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas analyzers. The competency of NDIR-based gas analyzers to seamlessly operate with chemicals is underpinning these analyzers in exceeding their current adoption rate.

However, despite numerous proficient technologies integrated into dissolved gas analyzers to make them function and feature-rich, online dissolved gas analyzers are estimated to account for ~87 percent of the total sales in 2019. These analyzers are deemed suitable given their continuous gas monitoring functionality, which reduces physical site visits involving the collection of manual samplings. Given the convenience factor, it is imperative that, players in the dissolved gas analyzer market should invest heavily in the manufacturing of online DGAs.

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Government Initiatives for Rural Electrification to Uphold Demand for DGAs in Asia Pacific

In 2019, the government of India became successful in distributing electricity to 25 Mn new households in rural areas. In 2017, China achieved 100% electrification for its 1.4 Bn population. The Myanmar National Electrification Plan intends to electrify 100% of the nation’s households by 2030. Such stats recorded in the TMR study imply that, Asia Pacific makes a high potential DGA market on account of government manifestos of countries such as China, India, and Japan to achieve rural electrification, which has increased the concentration of power plants in these countries.

A magnified focus on the safe and efficient operations of dissolved gas analyzers is hard-pressing market players to take a qualitative approach. The trend is also likely to fast-penetrate in India and China, which will necessitate the shift towards advanced technology in Asia Pacific, and further improve the region’s share in the dissolved gas analyzer market.

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