United States makes exceptions for entry of journalists and students from Brazil and 32 other countries – 04/27/2021 – Worldwide

The United States has expanded its list of National Interest Exceptions (NIEs), allowing new categories of people to enter the country, which has put in place strict controls on the entry of foreigners due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a statement released by the State Department on Monday (26), the new exceptions are valid for travelers from Brazil, China, Iran, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Ireland and from 26 European countries in the Schengen zone (free movement).

However, only journalists, students and academics registered in exchange programs will be able to apply for one of the exceptions of national interest. For students, approval is subject to those whose academic program will begin on August 1.

According to the statement, the State Department also continues to grant NIEs to travelers seeking to enter the United States for purposes related to humanitarian, public health and national security activities.

“These travelers and anyone else who believes their trip is in the national interest of the United States should also check the website of the nearest embassy or consulate for instructions,” the document said.

On January 25, President Joe Biden established travel restrictions on non-American passengers arriving in the United States from Brazil and Europe – a decision Donald Trump had overturned a week earlier – adding South Africa South to the list.

There were already exceptions for diplomatic visas, permanent residents (green card holders), children or spouses of Americans, or those traveling on humanitarian, public health and national security reasons, for example. The restriction has no end date – it depends on the president’s new determination.

Two weeks ago, the State Department also made exceptions for foreigners who are engaged with U.S. citizens, have a potential employer based in the country, accompany minors under specific conditions, or work in the industry. ‘aviation.

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