Under pressure, the United States cedes to India, but not in patents – 04/25/2021 – Nelson de Sá

In the headline of the Indian Dainik Jagran, “the companies of the United States” have given in and must send the raw materials whose export had been banned, making it difficult to produce vaccine in India – according to the Serum laboratory, the most great of the country.

The Times of India said that “Washington’s reckless response” to New Delhi’s demands so far “has caused it to lose its hard-earned public support in India, as even China has stepped forward to help.”

Besides the Chinese offer, the move was preceded by a New York Times editorial on Saturday, culminating weeks of reports and chronicles in the United States urging Joe Biden to act on the advancement of vaccine diplomacy in China. and in Russia.

The newspaper wrote that “the world cannot afford to wait for problems to be solved in one country” and Washington “must act now.” He suggested, first of all, that Biden overturn the export veto – which he did on Sunday, after all, with India.

The NYT even suggested, in the background, the suspension of patents, so that vaccines are produced all over the world.

This is the original request from India and a hundred other countries, “blocked by a few”, as CNBC points out, “including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada. , Australia and Brazil “.


With the pressure to give up patents, the Financial Times reports, “the industry lobby has grown in Washington” and “companies have said in private meetings with the White House that giving up intellectual property rights could help. China and Russia to exploit technologies like mRNA, which can be used for other vaccines or therapies against diseases like cancer ”.

Wanted, “Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Moderna and Novavax did not respond”.


The NYT editorial explains that “in other countries, Pfizer has not only demanded protection from all lawsuits, but has called on governments to make sovereign assets, including their reserves, embassies and military bases, available as collateral. against actions “.

As some, “naturally, rejected the demands, the result was that the pace of their purchasing contracts slowed down.”


On the cover of the NYT, with a soup line at Pátio do Colégio (above), São Paulo, “Millions of people go hungry as virus spreads across Brazil.” The country is experiencing a “famine epidemic, striking proof of failure” from Jair Bolsonaro, who has resisted Covid containment actions on the grounds of protecting the economy.

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