Q1 audience data reaffirms Folha’s leadership – 04/23/2021 – Power

Folha maintains its leadership in the digital audience, says Comscore, an American company specializing in traffic analysis and a benchmark in Internet auditing. Data for March, along with the close of the first quarter, was released on Wednesday and confirms the scenario already recorded in 2020.

The first-quarter monthly average of PV (pageviews) in Folha, a metric that reflects the volume of text and content consumed by readers, was 207 million, according to the Media Metrix -Multi-Platform panel.

In front of its direct competitor, O Estado de S. Paulo, whose average monthly PV from January to March was 55 million, Folha is 276% higher. Before the Rio O Globo newspaper (170 million), it is 22% higher.

The best month of the year was March. According to Comscore, Folha had 238 million read pages. In matters of greater interest, the dismissal of the commanders of the armed forces and the crisis of the Bolsonaro government, the overturning of the convictions of former President Lula and the worsening of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In March, Estado and Globo recorded 63 million PV and 195 million PV respectively.

The second metric in which Folha leads is the so-called ‘time spent’, or time spent in Portuguese. It measures reader engagement with the website and shows the total number of minutes people spent reading or interacting.

In the first quarter average, Folha readers invested 282 million minutes browsing the site.

The number is 309% higher than what was spent in the state (69 million minutes) and 47% higher than that spent by Globo readers (192 million minutes).

The third key metric measured by Comscore is the number of unique visitors, which counts the number of people who have visited a website.

During the first quarter average, 24.3 million users accessed Folha per month. The number is 84% ​​higher than that reported by the State (13.2 million) and 11% lower than that of Globo (27.3 million).

In the most recent data, in March, Folha had 26.9 million users, the state had 14.7 million and Globo 29.8 million.


Folha is also the largest newspaper in Brazil in paid audience, that is to say in subscribers and sold copies. On this front, the country’s data is audited by IVC Brasil (Instituto Verificador de Comunicação).

In March, data shows Folha fell from 350,000 in the above metric, leading among major newspapers.

In total, Folha recorded 352,459 paid daily copies last month, an increase of 1.54% from February (347,126). Second place comes from Globo, with 348,461, an increase of 0.98% compared to last month. In third place is the State, with 233,556, 0.29% above February

It is the strong digital presence that places Folha in the first place. Signings in the denomination reached 291,037 in March, up 2.19% from February. In the Globe, there were 274,147 digital subscribers (+ 1.81%), and in the State, 155,675 (+ 0.95%).

In the print payroll ranking, in turn, Folha closed the month of March with 61,422, against 74,315 from the competitor from Rio de Janeiro and 77,882 from the state.

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