Folha enters into content exchange agreement with Message from Lisbon – 04/16/2021 – Worldwide

Folha and Mensagem de Lisboa, a Portuguese online newspaper, have entered into an agreement for the reproduction of content. The partnership allows the publication of reports from the Lisbon vehicle in the São Paulo newspaper and vice versa.

The Lisbon Message, launched last year amid the pandemic, was created by an independent group of journalists led by Catarina Carvalho and Ferreira Fernandes.

Although the country’s main publications are based in the Portuguese capital, the duo felt that little attention was paid to the affairs of the city itself.

This is why, says Carvalho, the Lisbon Message “is a digital and community project”, centered on life in Lisbon and its inhabitants. In addition to online content, the team promoted debates, live interviews, and meet-and-greet with readers. Due to current restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, events are currently unfolding in a virtual format.

“Lisbon is a world today and there is a new, very important Brazilian community which has every interest in being heard,” said the journalist.

Officially, around 151,000 Brazilians live in Portugal, according to the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF). The actual number, however, is much higher. This account does not include those who have the nationality of Portugal or of another country of the European Union, in addition to those who live in an irregular migration situation.

The Portuguese community in Brazil is also expressive. According to an embassy estimate, there are around 1 million Lusitanians in Brazil, including citizens with dual citizenship. “We think it’s important [para a Folha] have a small foot in Lisbon, which has always had many echoes of what is happening in Brazil, ”explains Carvalho.

Folha is the most widely distributed newspaper in Brazil. In 2020, it sold an average of 337,854 copies per day, in the sum of its digital and print versions, according to IVC Brasil (Instituto Verificador de Comunicação).

Folha also broadcasts content from the Portuguese Público and Diário de Notícias (Global Media), the American The New York Times, the British Financial Times, the Chinese Caixin, the Chilean La Tercera, in addition to the world services of the BBC (United Kingdom). Uni), Deutsche Welle (Germany) and RFI (France).

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