Shot injures several in Indianapolis, USA – 04/16/2021 – World

Shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis, United States, left several people injured, according to local police reports. The severity of the cases and their number have not been disclosed.

Police spokeswoman Genae Cook told reporters that officers recorded an “incident with an active sniper” at FedEx company facilities near the city’s international airport and that they thought the sniper had committed suicide.

Indiana State Police Information Officer Sergeant John Perrine asked relatives of Fedex employees to meet at a local Holiday Inn hotel.

A spokesperson for FedEx said the company was aware of the shooting at its facilities. “We are working to obtain more information and are cooperating with the investigating authorities,” he added.

The incident occurred after several mass shootings in recent weeks in the United States.

At the end of last month, four people, including a child, were shot and killed in an office building in Southern California.

On March 22, ten people were killed in a supermarket shooting in Boulder, Colorado.

Almost 40,000 people die each year in the United States from firearms, more than half of which are suicides.

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