Impact of Covid-19 on Paper Fiber Market – Global Industry Analysis 2024

The market for paper fiber can be segregated in terms of end-use application into agriculture, animal bedding, and land reclamation. The inability of soils to retain micronutrients essential for the growth of plants and erosion of topsoil is the major factor driving the paper fiber market

The global paper fiber market is driven by its extensive use as soil additive. Paper fiber increases organic matter to improve soil fertility and quality of poor soils.  Paper fiber enables erosion control on steep slopes. It also improves water holding capacity and ensures long term availability of nitrogen. This is anticipated to fuel the growth of the market. Paper fiber is a recycled product with several applications and this will fuel the growth of the market. Paper fiber can retain water owing to its content of clay and lime. Paper fiber also offers ample amount of organic matter and helps in building deeper organic soils. This soil is then used for land reclamation programs and also in agriculture.

Paper fiber products can revitalize the top soil and enrich it, which will fuel the demand and drive the market. Paper fiber is also being used as animal bedding as clay absorbs moisture and enables padding. This will boost the growth of the market. Paper fiber is far superior than traditional loam and is thus in demand for projects on steep slope. It is also useful in projects where there are wet and dry weather conditions. The need for irrigation reduces and nutrient holding capacity increases by use of paper fiber and thus, the market will witness growth. The market will also witness growth on account of high demand for landfill closures.

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Global Paper Fiber Market: Overview

Paper fibers are commonly generated at paper mills. They are a byproduct of the manufacturing process of paper and pulp and are formed primarily through the wastewater treatment process at mills that employ them. The core substances in paper fiber include lime, clay, and wood. Over the recent past, paper fiber has come to be a part of an extremely diverse array of utilities and applications. One of the key factors to not about paper fiber is that it has a low content of phosphorus and nitrogen. Combined with the retentive properties of paper fiber, one of their greater applications rises from the agriculture industry, where paper fiber can be used as an additive to soil to improve it nutritional and water retention rate.

For the global paper fiber market, this research report form a complete analytical work that entails the current and likely future events in the market. The report initially introduces the global paper fiber market to the reader through its fundamental aspects and current events. Armed with this knowledge and the application of proven research methodologies, the report derives the most likely future prospects in the market for the given forecast period. These components include Porter’s Five Forces analysis of the global paper fiber market, along with a SWOT analysis of its competitive landscape.

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Global Paper Fiber Market: Trends and Opportunities:

The rising rate of soil erosion is one of the key factors promoting the use of paper fiber as a soil additive today. This applies both agriculturally and otherwise, as soil erosion is becoming a very high priority cause for concern in terms of land space reduction. Within the agriculture industry, paper fiber forms a doubly advantageous application, as it can hold the soil together while also imparting to it a better retentive property for water and added nutrients. Paper fiber thus plays a crucial role in the agriculture industry of today, where the total available arable land is low and the demand for quality yield is very high.

The end users of the global paper fiber market include land reclamation, animal bedding, and agriculture. Of these, the agriculture segment forms the leading application for paper fiber, where it can be used in the topsoil in order to help the land retain nutrients and water, while simultaneously reducing the rate of soil erosion. Its fluid retentive capabilities are also giving it a heavy impetus in its use for animal bedding in the livestock industry, as it can help create a drier environment for livestock to live in, thereby reducing the growth of bacteria in it.

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Global Paper Fiber Market: Region-wise Outlook:

The core regions discussed in the report on the global paper fiber market are Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America, and the MEA. Of these, Asia Pacific is currently showing the leading level of demand for paper fiber, given its extensive dependence on agriculture and the growing demand for premium yield crops. Paper fiber is also finding its way into dairy farms across the region as a viable replacement to hay and dried crops for animal bedding. China, India, and Australia are expected to show a very high rate of increase in demand for paper fiber over the coming years.

Companies Mentioned in the Research Report:

The leading player entities in the global paper fiber market currently include Resources Management Inc., Nine Dragons Paper Holdings Limited, WestRock Company, STORA ENSO, JK Paper Limited, and Casella Waste Systems.

This study by TMR is all-encompassing framework of the dynamics of the market. It mainly comprises critical assessment of consumers’ or customers’ journeys, current and emerging avenues, and strategic framework to enable CXOs take effective decisions.

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