The variant makes the headlines in France and results in the suspension of flights – 13/04/2021 – Nelson de Sá

The French government’s decision to cut flights to Brazil made digital headlines throughout Tuesday (13), in French newspapers.

In the world [abaixo, à esquerda], “Faced with the threat of new variants, the executive is resigned to suspending flights from Brazil.” No Release [à direita], “Brazil-France flights suspended: the Brazilian variant taken seriously”, in P1.

According to the liberal Le Monde, “the day before, the transport secretary justified in the name of freedom of movement the fact that he” maintained certain lines “with the country, but the pressure was very strong, given the concern for this news stock of the country. virus “.

In the conservative Le Figaro, on Brazil: “The epidemic continues to proliferate on the other side of the Atlantic, with nearly 500,000 positive cases per week and the highest number of deaths currently in the world, 21,094 in the world. during the first week of April, three times more than in the first week of April. than in the United States “.

It also caught the attention of French television, such as France24, and European television, with Euronews. And a Brazilian social network profile has already been edited with Portuguese subtitles:

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