China Steps Up Expansion, Says US: We Are Equal Now – 04/13/2021 – Nelson de Sá

At the top of Caixin, with the image below, “Chinese exports and imports are picking up, the impact of the pandemic is decreasing”. And to Bloomberg, “China’s strong trade signals a recovery in the global economy,” adding in the text:

“The data will be announced on Friday [16] is expected to show that the world’s second-largest economy saw record growth of 18.5% in the first quarter, compared to a year earlier. “

The Wall Street Journal featured, on the website and in the print cover, the detailed “Message from China to America: We Are Equal Now.”

Listen to officials on both sides, list Joe Biden’s various initiatives against Beijing, and highlight a comment from Jeffrey Bader, who worked under the Obama and Clinton administrations:

“The more you pretend that you are not a waning power, the less convincing you are.”


The South China Morning Post went on to headline the warning that “Biden’s stimulus could fuel the fire” of the conflict between the two countries, with China’s trade surplus expanding sharply.

And the WSJ has taken to the top of the hierarchy that “inflation accelerated in March” in the United States, “marking the start of what many economists expect to be many months of price increases. “.


SCMP and other Chinese report the arrival of Biden’s envoy to Shanghai, former Secretary of State John Kerry. Asked by the WSJ, he said the United States would not budge on economic issues in pursuit of the environmental deal:

“The differences we have have to be channeled separately. Climate is an independent issue. It is about the survival of the planet.”


The New York Times and Washington Post covered it up, but the WSJ and Russians like Kommersant pointed out that Biden called Vladimir Putin and proposed a summit.

The US financial newspaper even described it as “a personal invitation that came in the middle of a conversation” about Ukraine. In the Kommersant’s appeal, indicating that the Russian president too was allegedly taken by surprise, “Should we go out and talk?”


An American destroyer (above, in the Hindustan Times) entered Indian waters and announced that it had done so, without permission, because it was “excessive maritime claims”.

From Jagran to The Times of India, major Indian newspapers echo the unease over “the very unusual action” shortly after the visit of the US Secretary of Defense. TOI remembered the “gunboat diplomacy” adopted by the same 7th Fleet against India in the 1970s.

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