Argentinian justice acquits Cristina Kirchner in action for financial offense – 13/04/2021 – World

The Argentinian justice acquitted this Tuesday (13) the current vice of the country, Cristina Kirchner, within the framework of the procedure known as “future dollar”. She was accused, along with other members of her administration as president (2007-2015), of carrying out illegal dollar sales operations using inside information, between August and November 2015, when the peso s ‘is deprecated.

Others involved in the action included the current governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, who was then Minister of the Economy, the former president of the Central Bank Alejandro Vanoli and the current head of the agency, Miguel Ángel. Pesce. The accusation was brought by the leaders of the then opposing alliance led by former president Mauricio Macri. MPs Mario Negri and Federico Pinedo and former Minister of the Economy Alfonso Prat-Gay presented documents which they say provide proof of the crime.

After carrying out a new forensic examination of the transaction documents, the court concluded that “there was no loss to the state”. The acquittal raises criticism from the opposition, which accuses the current government of putting pressure on the judiciary to release Cristina from his prosecution. The proposed justice reform, which has been debated in Congress and aims to decentralize decisions, would be one way to achieve this.

Of the seven lawsuits against the former president, there are now six, including charges of money laundering at Kirchner family hotels in Patagonia and embezzlement of funds for public works. Last year, in the same court, Cristina accused the judges of pursuing political persecution against her. At the time, Cristina said the court was showing “the height of the law” against her, referring to the term that describes the political use of the law against certain targets.

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