Bolsonaro’s adviser testifies and could be indicted for racist gesture – 7/7/2021 – World

The international adviser to the presidency, Filipe Martins, testified this Wednesday (7) in front of the police of the Federal Senate, in an investigation which investigates the gestures made on the back of the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG), the March 24.

The investigation seeks to know if Martins’ actions had a racist connotation and, at the end of the procedure, the police of the Senate will decide if he will be indicted in the public prosecution.

The procedure takes place confidentially in the Senate.

Interlocutors say Martins added little compared to his version of the situation – he says he was adjusting the lapel of the suit and not making gestures.

Representative of the ideological wing of government Jair Bolsonaro, Martins accompanied former chancellor Ernesto Araújo in a session with parliamentarians when he was surprised by Senate cameras signaling behind Pacheco.

Joining his thumb with his index finger, the assistant kept the rest of his fingers outstretched and made repetitive motions with his hand next to his jacket. Leader of the Opposition Senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP) drew the attention of those present and said the posturing was obscene.

Criticism against Martins has escalated because the gesture is also linked to white supremacist movements – it has a history of using symbols associated with the far right.

Pacheco, for example, considered the symbol created by Martins to be “completely inappropriate”.

During the Senate session, several parliamentarians publicly called for Ernesto’s resignation, which was confirmed a few days later. The former minister has been replaced by diplomat Carlos França.

Senators have also demanded Martins leave the Planalto Palace, but, at least for now, Bolsonaro has kept his assistant in office.

However, the president’s advisers say he should be removed from his post. According to interlocutors, Bolsonaro assesses the best position in the Esplanade to affect the advisor. Most likely he will go to the council in a ministry.

To ease the pressure, Bolsonaro decided Martins should overwhelm and avoid further appearances that could renew calls for his resignation.

On Monday (5), for example, he was excluded from an accreditation ceremony by foreign ambassadors.

The advisor usually accompanied this type of ceremony, which marks the start of the foreign diplomat’s mission to Brazil.

In the second, besides Bolsonaro, the main Brazilian authorities who participated in the act in Planalto were the new chancellor and the head of the SAE (Secretariat for Strategic Affairs), Admiral Flávio Rocha, who also commands Secom (Special Secretariat for social affairs). Communication).

Wanted by Folha this Wednesday, Martins did not respond.

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