3D Printing Market in Healthcare Trends and Industry Insights by Top Key Players – Forecast 2024

The global 3D printing market in healthcare is growing at significant rate, due to mounting need for implants. Different types contributed to the 3D printing market in healthcare size.

3D printing technology develops and produces surgical instruments, medical devices, prosthetics and products that are personalised. Because of the rising need for implants, the global 3D printing industry in healthcare is growing at a significant pace. Owing to the growing use of the digitally based method for effective surgical planning, the industry has seen a strong demand for surgical guides over the last few years.

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By component, the market is subdivided into components, materials, service and software and equipment. Service and software segment accounted the largest share in the 3D printing market in healthcare.

By technology, the market is subdivided into photopolymerization, electron beam melting, laser beam melting, laminated object manufacturing, droplet deposition and three-dimensional printing. The photopolymerization account foremost share in the 3D printing market in healthcare.

By type, the market is subdivided into surgical guides, tissue engineering products, prosthetics and implants and surgical instruments. The surgical guides accounted the largest share in the 3D printing market in healthcare.

By end user, the market is subdivided into hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers and others. The hospitals accounted the largest share in the 3D printing market in healthcare.

The key growth factors for the 3D printing market in healthcare are the growing demand for implants, technology advances, mounting 3D printing applications in the healthcare sector, increasing public-private investment, increasing knowledge of personal care, and the convenient production of customizable and tailored medical products.

The growth of the 3D printing market in healthcare is also facilitated by direct digital development, expiry of main patents, growing numbers of patients with dental problems and hearing loss, increasing healthcare expenditure, increasing geriatric population and increasing need for organ transplantation.

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Recent News:

In June 2018, to have flexibility and materials for entry-level metal 3D printing and dental applications, 3D Systems has launched DMP Flex 100 and DMP Dental 100 3D printers.

Competitive Insights:

Stratasys Ltd., Renishaw plc, Concept Laser GmbH, EnvisionTEC GmbH, 3T RPD Ltd, Materialise NV, 3D Systems Corporation, Arcam AB, Prodways Group and EOS GmbH Electro Optical Systems are the key players offering 3D printing in healthcare.

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