European newspapers and LA fear for democracy in Brazil – 04/05/2021 – Nelson de Sá

In the wake of the Washington Post, two London newspapers are publishing editorials in reaction to threats against Brazilian democracy. Under the headline “The Gift of Generals to Brazil”, the Financial Times estimates that “the commanders gave a boost to democracy by remaining faithful to the Constitution”.

But he acknowledges that “Bolsonaro has repeatedly shown little respect for democracy” and that “as his popularity and prospects for re-election decline, the risk of betting on an open challenge to democracy increases.”

The Guardian produced the editorial “Jair Bolsonaro: A Danger to Brazil and the World”, claiming that “the far-right president has given free rein to Covid-19 and the destruction of the Amazon” and “now it seems he plans to hold on [ao poder] whatever the voters want ”.

Spaniard El País gave his opinion this weekend, under the headline “Brazil is radicalized” (above), warning that “Bolsonaro wants the armed forces to support his extremist policies”.

And the Colombian El Espectador published “Bolsonaro shakes the barracks in Brazil”, also questioning the attempted interference:

“The authoritarian tendency, in particular that which seeks to overturn the institutionalist character of the armed forces, jeopardizes the democratic stability of continental power.”

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