Man arrested after driving his car forward against congressional police

A suspect showed up with a car over a US congressional security fence, which was locked out as a safety measure on Friday.

Two officers guarding a security fence were run over. After the collision, the suspect left the vehicle with a knife in his hand and was shot by police, according to NBC. The driver was arrested and taken to hospital, as were the injured guards.

Due to the incident, access to Congress and neighboring avenues was closed. There is a strong police presence in the area. Helicopters flew overhead and spectators were urged to flee.

Congress is in suspension and most parliamentarians were not in the building. President Joe Biden was also not in Washington on Friday.

The US Congress was invaded by thousands of Donald Trump supporters on January 6, who tried to forcibly reverse their defeat at the polls. After this opportunity, the Capitol began to be protected by more exterior barriers, which began to be removed last week.

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