Union at the Service of Industry and Brazil – 03/31/2021 – Opinion

Industry in São Paulo, 30% of the national industry, has a heavy weight in economic recovery, in the resumption of investment and jobs, and in possible annual growth of 4% – the minimum needed to make the country a high income . The sector is strategic, pays the best wages, creates many jobs, is a research, technology and innovation center, makes use of investments and integrates the industrial segments into global value-added networks.

Strengthening the industry, which is affected by “Brazil costs”, legal uncertainty, high taxes, bureaucracy, logistical problems and frequent crises – and exacerbated by Covid-19 – will not be achieved with proselytism and division of business people in their class entities. The priority, especially with the pandemic, is the union around a viable development project to be defended before São Paulo and the federal governments.

Cohesion is also vital for the São Paulo State Industrial Center (Ciesp) and the São Paulo State Industrial Federation (Fiesp) to unite and, in addition to their legitimate political weight, support the sector of entrepreneurs and workers that no one ignores who wants to be a business leader. The essence of all activities is the person who needs training to develop concepts, advice in several areas, access to technical forums, export channels and everything that companies, integrated and synergistic, can and should offer.

For all these reasons – and given the consensual desire of the industrial bases in São Paulo that the two houses should have different presidents but maintain an effective union – I accepted the challenge of running for the presidency in the July 5th elections von Ciesp and the first – Vice President von Fiesp. In the latter case there is a single plate because the other competitor did not even get enough adhesions to form a complete one. Our candidacy did not spring from a frustrated power project or the contradiction / ease of some that are characteristic of the old physiologism. Like me, he was born in the factory where I spent my childhood and youth and I am still today among the worthy example of my industrial ancestors.

It is the same origin as the members of our Ciesp table 2, the only one with representation on all 42 regional boards, high participation of women, young entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized industrial companies with a renewal of 52%. People, altruists and volunteers who reject small conspiracies do not want political politics at Ciesp. They focus on effective sectoral and public policies with the role of all in unity.

In analogy to modern 5G technology, our work plan is based on people, management, governance with social and ecological responsibility, globalization and a feeling for change. Ciesp, with nearly 8,000 employees, will help the São Paulo industry gain productivity, competitiveness, technology / innovation, access to exports, greater participation in GDP and a voice in front of society and the authorities. And we will do this together with business people and Fiesp in a strong and integrated action for the benefit of the sector and the economy!

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