House Committee invites new Chancellor to speak on foreign policy in pandemic – 03/31/2021 – Worldwide

The Committee for Foreign Affairs and National Defense of the Chamber of Deputies approved on Wednesday (31) an invitation to Chancellor Carlos Alberto França, replacing Ernesto Araújo, to speak about the orientations of foreign policy in the pandemic and in the field of the defense.

France were confirmed on Monday (29) to replace Ernesto Araújo at Itamaraty. The former chancellor resigned after pressure from the congressional summit, which accused him of failing to fight the pandemic.

France, 56, gained Bolsonaro’s trust in the period he led the ceremony at the Planalto Palace. Subsequently, he headed the special advisory committee of the presidency.

As this is an invitation, the new chancellor is not obliged to attend.

<< I consider the approval to be of the utmost importance and urgent [o chanceler] can discuss with us questions related to our foreign policy ”, declared the president of the commission, the deputy Aécio Neves (PSDB-MG).

According to him, much is expected of the new minister’s position on the pandemic and the role of the Foreign Ministry in expanding access to inputs and vaccines.

“In the same way, it is absolutely necessary for this commission that we can also know the orientations and the perspectives of the defense zone. An area essential to national life and to which this commission intends to pay particular attention, ”he declared.

Aécio Neves had already expressed the expectation of changes in the country’s foreign policy with the departure of Ernesto Araújo, in particular with regard to the confrontation of the Covid-19.

The MP also said he hoped the new chancellor would restore the principles of respect, tolerance and balance that guided Brazilian foreign policy, “without automatic alignment or ideological prejudices.”

France is expected not to make radical changes from Ernesto Araújo, but to take a more conciliatory and less aggressive stance on foreign policy. The new Chancellor has the blessing of the 03 son of President Jair Bolsonaro, Federal Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP), as well as the International Advisor to the Presidency, Filipe Martins.

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