From “ white power ” to the glass of milk, understand the symbols associated with the far right – 03/25/2021 – World

During a Senate session on Wednesday (24), the international adviser to the Presidency of the Republic, Filipe Martins, was caught making gestures considered obscene and racist behind the back of the President of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco ( DEM-MG). Reaching his thumb to his index finger, he kept the rest of his fingers outstretched and … Read more

United States announces return of diplomatic relations with Palestinians, cut off by Trump – 03/25/2021 – Worldwide

The United States will restore diplomatic relations with the Palestinians, cut off under former President Donald Trump. The announcement to the UN Security Council was made by the American ambassador to the organization, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, on Thursday (25), according to information from the American CNN. “Since January, our diplomatic involvement has been guided by the … Read more

Threatened with resignation, Ernesto tries to stay in power while Planalto seeks replacement – 25/03/2021 – World

Threatened to lose his post, Minister Ernesto Araújo launched this Thursday (25) an operation to try to stay at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while the advisers of President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) already consider the resignation of the Chancellor as inevitable . According to interlocutors, Bolsonaro understood that it will be difficult to … Read more

How are Colombia-US relations in the Biden era – 03/25/2021 – Latinoamérica21

Colombia has always been a staunch ally of the United States, whether the White House guest is a Republican or a Democrat. This ideological and / or pragmatic accommodation with the power of the North – Colombia’s main trading partner, largest investor and country of residence of 2,643,178 Colombians – depends, however, on the preferences … Read more

The Senate calls for the dismissal of Filipe Martins and Bolsonaro seeks a compensatory position for his ally – 03/25/2021 – World

The Senate summit sent President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) the message that he took into account the gestures made on Wednesday (24) by the international adviser to the presidency, Filipe Martins, and that he awaits his resignation from the post. The message was conveyed by Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG) and other senators to … Read more

Presidentialism is in crisis in Latin America – 03/25/2021 – Latinoamérica21

In the 1960s and 1970s, coups d’état by the armed forces were recurrent in Latin America. During the first two decades of the 21st century, however, interruptions in presidential terms developed other characteristics. Of the 14 interruptions, only two were coups; the rest were resignations or layoffs by parliaments. While these differences are substantial, since … Read more

After hitting goal, Biden doubles goal and aims for 200ml of doses in first 100 days – 03/25/2021 – World

In Joe Biden’s plans, his first press conference as President of the United States would be the step to capitalize on his government’s recent successes, such as the approval of the $ 1.9 trillion economic relief plan. dollars and significant advances in immunizing Americans. On Thursday (25), the president managed to double his campaign target … Read more