Senators ask Ernesto Araújo to leave to “ save lives ” – 03/24/2021 – World

Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo faced a hostile environment during his participation in the Senate session on Wednesday afternoon (24), with many senators questioning his ability and calling for his resignation to “save lives” .

Ernesto had been invited to participate in a thematic session of the Senate to explain the efforts of the portfolio he orders to obtain vaccines against the new coronavirus.

The chancellor had already been the target of harsh demands from the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), during a meeting this morning at the Palácio do Alvorada. Lira made it clear that there would be a need to improve relations with vaccine and input producing countries.

The morning meeting, convened by President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party), had the participation of ministers, chamber and senate presidents, Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG), STF president Luiz Fux, governors and heads of other institutions.

Lira and Pacheco were already expressing their dissatisfaction with the Brazilian chancellor, increasing the pressure for his resignation. Later, during a session in the House, Lira again publicly and openly criticized the Chancellor.

This afternoon in the Senate, the accusation first came from Pacheco himself, who said the vaccine supply was “below expectations”.

Then there was a sequence of speeches by several senators, questioning the capacity of Ernesto Araújo and asking for his resignation.

“Ask to go and sleep with the conscience that you will help save lives,” said Senator Mara Gabrilli (PSDB-SP).

A fellow senator, Toucan Tasso Jereissati (PSDB-CE) said Brazil has become an international pariah and the mismanagement of the Foreign Ministry has fatal consequences for Brazil.

“You are no longer able to stay at the Foreign Ministry. And this is not to create a crisis [a sua saída], it is to be resolved, “said the toucan. Senator Jorge Kajuru (Citizenship-GO) also said he would resign if he held the post of minister. Senator Simone Tebet (MDB-MS) and parliamentarians opposition also demanded the minister’s departure.

The president of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Kátia Abreu (PP-TO), questioned the minister’s ability to make interlocutions after several attacks on the Chinese. He recalled, for example, the protests against Chinese participation in 5G technology.

“I’m not telling you anything new, I’m not here to offend you. It was public and notorious: your prejudices against 5G, the prejudices of the family against the virus. Which country in the world wants to transmit viruses someone “That doesn’t exist. I mean, something so open. President says he’s selling to China, but he’s not going to sell Brazil to China? Useless words, “said the senator.

“So my question is: do you feel really comfortable, as Chancellor of Brazil, to make these connections, this dialogue, these remote meetings with these countries, with China and the United States? , faced with this disastrous diplomatic situation, Minister? ”he added.

Senator Fabiano Contarato (Rede-ES) questioned the training and capacity of the minister.

“I admit that I felt somewhat despised here in the Federal Senate. I have never witnessed such a confused presentation, not knowing how to construct a sentence with a subject, a verb and an object. ‘did not answer questions. I have cited here several examples of Lord’s Attitudes Against Brazil: offended the Chinese government, let the Trump administration interfere in the process of acquiring vaccines from Russia, visited Israel with exorbitant spending in public coffers to process a drug without any scientific evidence, “said the senator.

“Did you really study at the Rio Branco Institute? Your speech does not seem diplomatic to me, because instead of apologizing to the Chinese ambassador, you are defending those who have offended you. You do not realize that this is so. can make things even more difficult. to acquire vaccines? ”he added.

In defending himself, the Chancellor was moved and his voice choked. Ernesto Araújo has said he has done everything to help Brazil during the pandemic, just as he claims President Bolsonaro did.

“I have done everything for my country in what I believe in, a project of profound transformation of Brazil that most Brazilians, I’m sure, want. I’m always ready, I’m already giving my whole life for it, because that’s what Believe it. You can believe it or not, but it is my belief, ”said the Chancellor.

“I will tell my grandchildren that I was part of a Brazilian transformation project. I hope I can tell you that it was a successful project, a project that freed Brazil from corruption, backwardness, the indignity and the lack of conditions for the Brazilians. I I have a deep love for the Brazilian people – I guarantee it – and I do not allow anyone to question them, because I do not question their motives or someone else’s, okay? ”he added.

Ernesto also denied having had relationship difficulties with China. The chancellor also said he was never aware of the United States’ attempt to intervene so that Brazil did not import Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine.

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