Leader in vaccination in Latin America, Chile begins to vaccinate the homeless – 03/22/2021 – Worldwide

The Chilean government began on Monday (22) vaccinating the homeless against Covid-19. The vaccine will be applied nationwide to 16,400 people linked to the Calle program – linked to the Ministry of Social Development and Housing.

Chile is the Latin American country with the most vaccines relative to the population: 30% of Chileans have already taken their first dose. Despite this, the country is going through one of the most acute moments of the pandemic, with 95% of intensive care occupations, and has again applied containment measures to try to contain the progress of the new variants.

Since the start of the health crisis, the country has recorded 938,094 contaminations and 22,359 deaths.

Public Health Under-Secretary Paula Daza says the measure aims to immunize this vulnerable population before the onset of cold winter temperatures. “We are already moving forward with the elderly, with the chronically ill and today with the people of the street”.

The announcement was made at a homeless hostel in Santiago. Daza explained that in addition to registering for the Calle program, city hall databases across the country will also be consulted to locate and vaccinate citizens in this vulnerable situation.

The government will also distribute a prevention kit to these groups, complete with masks, alcohol gel and instructions on social distancing.

In addition to the street population, workers who work in the transport of food and medicine and in essential sectors such as electricity, water and gas began to be vaccinated this second.

In the coming days, the polling station and others who will participate in the elections for the next Constituent Assembly, as well as the journalists who will cover the event, will enter the list.

The vote, the postponement of which was envisaged due to the health situation, should take place in two days (April 10 and 11) to avoid agglomerations, and with strict protocols, as happened during the October plebiscite .

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