Concentrated and governing, the American media undergo a “ sovietization ” – 03/19/2021 – Nelson de Sá

NBC media and tech columnist Dylan Byers immediately warned it would be a “test for the media” in the United States, which “set a precedent” by exploring a scene of Donald Trump, 74, during the campaign.

He recalled the New York Times headline in June, “Trump’s hesitant climb down the ramp raises new health questions.”

This Friday (19) Joe Biden, 78, in a row on the plane’s ladder, went straight to Fox News headlines, noting that he had already broken his foot three years ago month. But it took a while for NYT and others to keep up.

When veteran White House newspaper photographer Doug Mills brought up the image on social media, he came under a lot of pressure, including from a journalism professor who accused: “That is it, NYT? The stumbling block is yours ”.

The report ended up leaving, but far from the homepage, short and with a quite different statement than Trump’s, “Biden is ‘100% fine’ after falling on Air Force One.”

The phenomenon is broader, from CNN to the Washington Post, but it was the NYT government in those first few months of Biden – with Trump completely canceled – that caused the cash.

With 7.5 million subscribers and less and less competition, the newspaper is the target of paltry comparisons, especially after a headline a week ago, “Biden takes on a new role: crossed by the poor”, defender poor.

In response, one of the main names of the independent journalist platform Substack, Matt Taibbi, also of Rolling Stone, wrote a broad review, titled “The Sovietization of the American Press”.

He mentions other vehicles and statements, such as “Biden pays Americans money, drastically reducing poverty” by WP, but the focus is really on the NYT, which he compares to Pravda.

He points to the coverage that justified, due to geopolitical interest, Biden’s decision not to sanction the Saudi dictator who quartered journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

In short, writes Taibbi, “the transformation from false objectivity into a widely open one-party orthodoxy was not progress.”


The reaction came from the judiciary, with a judge saying the Supreme Court was overturning the decision in the NYT case. 1964 Sullivan, who limits authorities’ actions against the press, for libel.

He said, during the vote he gave this Friday (19), which gave rise to apprehension:

“Two of the three most influential newspapers, NYT and WP, ​​are practically Democratic Party publications. And the news section of the Wall Street Journal leans in the same direction. The advice of these three newspapers is followed by the Associated Press and the Most major newspapers around the world (such as the Los Angeles Times, the Miami Herald, and the Boston Globe). Almost all televisions, networks and cables are Democratic Party megaphone. Even the government-backed National Public Radio, follows. “

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