Police say not racial hate crime, public press – 03/18/2021 – Nelson de Sá

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was in South Korea for a new round of attacks on China when the massacre of Koreans in Atlanta was made public. “We are horrified,” he said, as NBC showed.

At that time, Chosun Ilbo, one of the nation’s largest newspapers, pointed to the sentence a witness said he heard from the killer in Atlanta:

“I will kill all Asians.”

It was not echoed in the American press. On the contrary, in the Washington Post’s own media columnist:

“Tweets, notifications and first reports from almost every major journalistic organization essentially echoed the statement. [da polícia] that the horrific crime did not appear to be racially motivated and was not classified as a hate crime. “

The source was a captain, who justified not being a racial hate crime with a statement from the murderer, regarding his alleged sex addiction. The captain then added the phrase “infamous”, as described in the WP:

“He was fed up and at the end of the line, and yesterday was a really bad day for him.”

Subsequent episodes of racism by the captain himself against the Chinese people have occurred.


In the fourth, amid the impact of the massacre of Asians, the New York Times ran another critical text on Chinese vaccines, now claiming the latest “is made from hamster ovary cells.”

The reaction was so negative on social media, with scientists saying it was a lie and accusing the headline of “mild racism,” that the newspaper switched to the neutral statement “China approves fifth vaccine against Covid- 19 “.


The South China Morning Post (above, with the US secretary waiting for the Chinese delegation) and other newspapers from both countries eagerly followed the first meeting in Alaska.

But Beijing financier Caixin was openly pessimistic, predicting “at least a decade of frosty relations – so let’s hope military conflicts don’t happen, in the Taiwan Strait or in the South China Sea.”


Days before taking up her post as Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue, journalist Alexi McCammond said that with the post she was quitting because of “tweets from the past.”

As a teenager, she wrote prejudiced messages against Asians, for which she apologized, but the team she would lead did not accept.


The platform of independent journalists Substack lost some of it, including Alicia Kennedy, amid criticism of the allegedly prejudiced views of some of its stars, like Andrew Sullivan and Glenn Greenwald.

Those who have left can meet up on Facebook, which creates a Substack clone. What triggered the withdrawal was confirmation that the platform decided to subsidize some, but not all, of journalists.

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