Old Google News (old dashboard Google News approved domains) available on Buy Google News Site

Google News stopped approving new news sites through its old dashboard Google News process in December 2019 and ever since there has been a massive demand for old dashboard Google News approved domains. There are very few such domains available now, but luckily there is a company Buy Google News Site (buygooglenewssite.com) that is still selling old dashboard Google News approved domains at reasonable prices.

Google Search continues to dominate the search engine market with a whopping 92% share. And that’s not all because Google News is something that is not only equally important, but also far more beneficial source of constant organic traffic that you can use for your online marketing needs.

Google News filled a massive void for online news aggregation. More and more media companies started to join Google News ever since it was launched. Unlike traditional media, that has a limited geographical reach due to its physical nature, Google News is omnipresent on the web with availability in almost all major languages around the world. While Google News is generally used to catch up to the latest news, online marketing companies have found novel users for this awesome resource. Online press releases, product and service launch PRs, publishing of infographics and a lot more can be done on Google News sites to increase your presence and traffic online.

Let’s look at some of the things that can be done using old dashboard Google News approved sites:

1. Publish Press Releases

Press releases are still one of the best ways to utilize old dashboard Google News approved sites. They will offer you instant indexation and your chances of ranking high on the “news” tab or even appearing on the “top stories” section of Google Search increases substantially. Search for online press release related terms and you will find many services that allow you to publish press releases online for free or a fee.

2. Product Marketing

You can have multiple reviews done of your products and then have those reviews published on Google news approved sites. If getting the reviews done yourself may come out as biased, you can contact such Google News approved domain owners and ask them to review your product or service. Make sure you reach to terms with them regarding the link they will embed. Offer them to share your review on your company blog and social media accounts.

3. Sponsored Posts

There are media companies that own that will publish a pre-written article by you as a sponsored post on Google News. They will charge a fee for that but that is one of the best ways to get into Google News.

Some Benefits of being featured in Google News

  1. Brand Value
  2. Instant Traffic
  3. Increased Backlinks
  4. Positive Image Building of Your Brand
  5. Fast Indexing
  6. Better Reach
  7. Status of Authority on Google
  8. Dual Benefit – Google SERP & Google News
  9. Automatic SEO