India and Europe prepare to produce Russian vaccine – 03/16/2021 – Nelson de Sá

British journalist John McEvoy published on Sunday the 14th, “Washington has pressured Brazil not to buy Russian vaccine” malignant “” on the site Brasil Wire, linking the full text of a US report.

On Tuesday (16), the Washington Post took the news of the report’s “surprising recognition” of pressure on the Jair Bolsonaro government – the one who on Tuesday also tweeted the purchase of doses of Sputnik V.

The report echoed Russian Tass and German Deutsche Welle. And Bloomberg heard from the Kremlin spokesman that “in many countries the magnitude of the pressure is unprecedented.”

“An American official,” Bloomberg added, “distanced the Biden government from the report, released by its predecessor, and said the United States is not in a position to discourage Brazil or other countries” from agreeing to vaccines.

It is not only Brazil that is opening up to the Russian immunizer. Frankfurter Allgemeine and other Germans report that there is already an agreement to produce it in the country. Also Sweden, according to Dagens Nyheter. Agencies like AFP and Reuters add other Europeans who would produce, including France, Italy and Spain.

And the Economic Times, among other Indians, pointed out that Indian pharmaceutical companies Gland Pharm and Hetero have signed contracts to produce more than 350 million doses of Sputnik V.


The New York Times published on the front page print, in two columns, “China Provides Vaccines to Latin America, Gains Advantage.” A “huge advantage”.

Alarmingly, he focuses on Brazil, which has “suddenly changed its position” vis-à-vis China and Huawei. The text ends by saying that, in order to have access to the vaccine, Paraguay would be on the verge of withdrawing its diplomatic support for Taiwan.

This already echoes the State Department, Southern Command.


At the domicile of the World, in France, one of the countries which has suspended vaccination with the British immunizer, “British media defend AstraZeneca”, listing BBC, Telegraph etc.


Faced with growing resistance to AstraZeneca, from Europe to Indonesia and Congo, Reuters questioned the US government when the US evaluation of the vaccine will come out – approved by the UK government in December. “About a month” was the answer.

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