Lisbon libraries have free delivery of books during lockdown – Ora Pois

The lockdown against Covid-19 has forced Portuguese libraries and bookstores to close. In Lisbon, while the readers cannot go to the books, it is the books that go to the readers.

The city’s municipal library network has launched a program that offers up to five works of art to its members in their homes, free of charge.

In addition to technical and educational novels and books, it is possible to order magazines, CDs and DVDs from the catalog of one of the municipal libraries.

Opened a little over a month ago, the “Library at your door” has won over Lisboners.

After choosing the works available on the official website, the user must send an email with the title of the desired material and the appropriate catalog references, in addition to his personal information and his delivery address.

As the service is only available to those with a library card, the organizers have also simplified the registration process, which can also be done entirely online.

After confirming the availability of works – it may be necessary to wait for a few books – library staff will contact you to schedule delivery.

Delivery is made by an employee wearing a mask and protective clothing.

The confidentiality of the literary tastes of the users is protected. The books are packaged in a brown paper envelope, without any identification of the titles they contain.

The books are delivered in envelopes which guarantee the confidentiality of the content | Photo: Giuliana Miranda / Folhapress

Loans are for one month and can be renewed.

Readers who do not speak Portuguese also have easy access to the project, which has an information page in English. In the collection of libraries in Lisbon there is a lot of material in foreign languages, especially in English, French and Spanish.

The process was straightforward even for a newbie to municipal archives like me.

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