China’s new development opens up new opportunities to the world – 03/12/2021 – World

A few days ago, the annual sessions of the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference concluded in Beijing, events of great significance in Chinese political life.

At the time, the objectives and the trajectory of the economic and social development of the country over the next five years were systematically defined, as well as an additional period, taking into account changes in both internal and external conditioning factors.

Chinese growth will adhere to a concept based on innovation, coordination, sustainability, openness and sharing. In the new paradigm to be built, internal circulation will be the pillar, and national and international circulation will reinforce each other, thus allowing a development of better quality and more efficiency, with more justice, sustainability and security.

It is not only about the future of China, it also offers opportunities for Brazil and the world.

The potential of the Chinese market will be fully exploited. China is the second largest economy in the world and its GDP per capita has already exceeded US $ 10,000. With strenuous efforts, China was the only major economy to register growth in 2020, despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, the country reached, ten years earlier than expected, the goal set by the United Nations for poverty reduction, by eliminating extreme poverty in its territory. The forecast for this year is that the Chinese economy will grow by at least 6%. In five years, the urbanization rate will reach 65% and the income gap between city dwellers and rural dwellers will continue to narrow.

In another decade, it is estimated that the middle class will grow from the current 400 million to 800 million to 900 million, and the country will import more than US $ 22 trillion in goods in cumulative terms. All of this will certainly provide a huge market for a diverse range of quality products, technologies and services from other countries.

Chinese openness will move to a new level. One of the countries with the highest degree of openness in the world, China is the largest trading partner in more than 130 countries and territories. Continuing its process of opening up, China will take concrete steps to promote liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment and build a global network of high-level free trade zones.

It will further reduce the negative list of access to foreign investment and encourage the orderly opening of the service sector. By firmly defending the multilateral trading system, China stands ready to share its vast market, open and full of opportunities, giving new impetus to the recovery of the world economy.

China’s scientific and technological innovation will be more sophisticated. In the past five years, China, as the world’s vice-leader of research and development investment, ranks 14th in the global innovation capacity ranking, the best position among middle-income economies.

In five years, investments in research and development will increase on average by 7% per year, and the development strategy driven by innovation will lead to the transformation of traditional industries, the strengthening of emerging sectors of strategic importance and a new advantage for the company. the digital economy. Partnership in technological and industrial innovation will be a new area of ​​interest for China’s overseas cooperation.

The green economy will gain strength in China. For several years in a row, China has been the world’s largest investor in renewable energy, in addition to having the largest installed capacity and production from renewable sources.

Over the next five years, for every unit of GDP, energy consumption will decrease by 13.5% and carbon dioxide emissions by 18%, while the rate of forest cover will increase to 24.1%.

To this end, the country plans to optimize its industrial structure and energy matrix, encourage research and application of energy conservation technologies, equipment and products, and promote the development of sustainability. and new energy sectors.

This set of actions will contribute to the sustainable growth of the world and motivate international cooperation in green industry. In a context of profound changes in the world, China is inaugurating a new development path. With Brazil and other countries, we will work in solidarity and partnership to overcome challenges and create a bright future for humanity.

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