As Republicans resort to hypocritical artillery, Biden has few tweets and works – 03/10/2021 – Lúcia Guimarães

Comedian Randy Rainbow is known for his political musical parodies which he posts online. In the latest video posted this week, he pretends to interview Joe Biden and begins to doze off, as the president talks in detail about the fight against the coronavirus.

When he wanted to insult Biden, the orange ogre who had been sleeping in the world since 2016 called him Joe Sleeper. It was to highlight Biden’s age, barely four years older than him and a fan of the Peloton stationary bike.

There are signs that Americans are taking advantage of this new era of monotony. And the far right is tearing its hair out. Amid the surge in vaccinations – an average of more than 2 million doses per day – Fox News headlines focus on children’s books and cancellation culture.

The government is so annoying that Biden’s first White House scandal is the headline “Dog Bites Man”. The champion German Shepherd, whom the Biden couple adopted from an abandoned animal shelter, munched on a Secret Service agent.

Champion is an amateur compared to his predecessors like Pete, Teddy Roosevelt’s bull terrier, who in 1903 drove out the French ambassador and broke his pants.

Speaking of Roosevelt, it is Teddy’s distant cousin who draws comparisons with Biden: the charismatic Franklin, one of the most consistent occupants of the White House, tasked with reclaiming the country from the Great Depression with the New program. Deal.

The $ 1.9 trillion pandemic aid package, which Democrats passed without a Republican vote, contains provisions that will change the lot of Americans most vulnerable. A Columbia University study estimates that the benefits of the package will lift at least five million children out of poverty.

The portrait of the centrist too conciliatory, propagated by the left of the Democratic Party during the electoral campaign, will have to be retouched. Biden has just brought two of the foremost legal experts of the digital age into his government.

Lina Khan and Tim Wu, both from Colombia, wouldn’t be leaving Manhattan for Washington if Biden didn’t plan to face unregulated Western giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon.

The political press here has not stood out due to a statement by the president on February 28. He has made an unprecedented defense of the right to organize workers that coincides with the struggle of Amazon employees in Alabama to form a union.

In less than two months, Biden justifies questioning a gesture of the most beloved president of recent decades. In 2016, Barack Obama took his deputy aside and pressured him not to show up, believing that Hillary Clinton was more likely to carry on his legacy. In 2019, Obama backtracked and said “you don’t have to run, Joe.”

Even if he loses a majority in Congress in 2022, Biden can guarantee at least one legacy: the one-sided ceasefire he decreed in the Culture Wars. While Republicans continue to resort to hypocritical artillery in identity battles, Biden doesn’t take the bait, barely tweets, and continues to work.

At a recent ultraconservative conference in Florida, a man who sold T-shirts with Biden’s face showing a Hitler mustache complained, “I can’t get rid of it or give it away for free.”

It is a question of governing in a low voice.

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