Abroad, part of the market and the Socialists agree on Lula – 03/09/2021 – Nelson de Sá

In the Financial Times appeal (below), for analysis signed by its Latin American editor, “Lula is back: Bolsonaro’s old enemy is coming back to haunt him”.

And in the appeal of the socialist Jacobin magazine, “Lula is back – and he can save Brazil from Bolsonaro”. Convergence repeated itself elsewhere.

In an interview with Bloomberg, famous investor Mark Mobius, who has criticized Joe Biden since the campaign, was asked about Lula’s return, which “the markets didn’t like”. Response from emerging economy experts:

“It’s strange that the market doesn’t like him, as Lula has presided over some of the happiest times in Brazil. I don’t think the comeback is necessarily bad for the Brazilian market. I think he has learned his lesson. when it comes to corruption. I’m surprised the market didn’t like it. “

And through social media, Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, who chairs the powerful Budget Committee, praised:

“As president, Lula has done an incredible job of reducing poverty in Brazil and defending working people. It is great news that his highly suspicious conviction has been overturned. It is an important victory for democracy and justice in Brazil. “

In the Drudge Report, opening a photo of the ex-president, “Lula is now free to run for president. This could be THE END for Bolsonaro …”.


In the Wall Street Journal, according to forecasts by the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), “a jump in growth in the United States could unbalance the fragile world economy”.

Below, more specifically, “Rising interest rates, in response to growth and inflation expectations, may trigger capital flight from emerging countries, where vaccination has barely started and whose recovery is expected to take place. more time”.


The WSJ and the South China Morning Post noted, respectively, that “the United States and China tentatively engage in climate change” and “China and the United States are negotiating a high-level meeting to restore relations “.

In the first case, they will share the chairmanship of a group within the G20 focused on climate-related financial risks. In the second, the two main Chinese foreign officials, Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi, are expected to meet their American counterparts in Alaska.

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