Unoccupied royalty is a danger not to be underestimated – 03/08/2021 – Worldwide

The Bolsheviks did well to liquidate Tsar Nicholas’ entire family professionally and without controversy in front of a firing squad. Vapt, vupt. Now they are here. Now they are not.

Indeed, as we saw on Sunday evening (7) in the interview given by Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, to presenter Oprah Winfrey, unoccupied royalty is a danger that should not be underestimated nor to consider with hesitation.

Just look at what happened to the wandering Edward 8th, the uncle of Elizabeth II, who abdicated the throne and the British Empire (which by then was already starting to get behind peaks and sparse hills across the world) to keep chasing after Minx Wallis Simpson’s tail skirt (unrelated to the Springfield Simpsons).

Instead of king, Edward has become the jester of the jet set, lending himself to the role of easy figure, party entertainer to any Greek or Texan millionaire who has given him an enjoyable weekend – and yet another jabaculê gem for. the woman, preferably from the Cartier brand, was on board a luxury boat or staying in the suite of a secluded villa in a paradisiacal corner of the Mediterranean or the Caribbean.

Harry and Meghan repeat the tataratio saga. They barely completed a year of unproductive hobbies living on the legacy left by his mother (estimated at £ 18million, R $ 143.8million) in one of the most blessed places on the planet (Montecito , near Santa Barbara, Calif., where they are neighbors of Oprah), and were quickly hooked by the presenter’s dollar maker, who allegedly sold the interview to CBS for $ 7 million (40.4 million dollars), with the network reselling it to 60 countries.

Harry and Meghan would not have received anything. But, judging by the repercussions of the interview in England, they will have to endure the wrath of the English establishment and the grief of the royal family for many years to come.

If before Elizabeth 2ª was the image of an immaculate saint, after the interview granted by the dukes (ex-dukes?) Of Sussex, in this second (8) the queen stood up as one of the 101 Dalmatians , that is, strewn with spots.

No one better than the experienced Elizabeth 2nd to know that with guys like Harry and Meghan you’re not kidding. Even the most terrible capital punishment of our time, cancellation, cannot handle these two.

The queen failed. For the first time, perhaps because of the burden of the years, perhaps because of the distance between her palace and the manicured lawns of California, Elizabeth II did not act with the strong fist that was asked of her.

See: contemporary of Florence Nightingale in the Crimean War (or almost), Elizabeth 2ª has already had to deal with the slain Churchill, the ugly Nixon, the Thatcher bovine, the Ted Heath pig, the canine Tony Blair, in fact, worse, a had to deal with the hydrophobic Cherie Blair, the Prime Minister’s extremely beautiful wife, besides, of course, the unspeakable Melania and Donald, and so many other Australian Prime Ministers who, like Meghan, have not looked to Google for know that there is a very specific difference between a Hollywood celebrity like, for example, Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan or, maybe, Tracy Morgan, and the Queen of England.

There was the case of a fateful Australian Prime Minister who went out kissing the Queen as if she was Nick Nolte at a party in Beverly Hills, when protocol clearly states that members of the royal family must not be affected.

In the interview with Oprah, Princess Meghan filled her mouth to say that she had barely heard of Diana, Charles, Corgis puppies, changing guard, Queen Victoria, Royal Albert Hall, Palace of Buckingham, Henry 8th, Tower of London and Escambau. ..and that – hold your scepter for there is a Napoleonic cannon on Lord Nelson’s ship – until he was inside the car, on his way to see the queen for the first time , she did not know that he would have to greet the sovereign in a formal way. She said she thought she was going to kiss her fiance’s grandmother and say “hello” to her grandmother.

I ask: how to use tandem abutere, Catilina, patientia nostra ?, As the Roman Cicero would say, until when, Catilina, do you abuse our – in this case, that of the English – patience? Tell the truth, does Meghan think we’re all suckers or is it just Americans?

She went ahead. He told Oprah, with a tender gaze from Shrek’s Puss in Boots, that he hadn’t bothered to go online to find out more about the British Royal Family, which, for her, until then. , was no guesswork.

And this unknown family from Windsor, whose income came from English taxes over a hundred years ago and who before that had plundered and abused their people and their colonies for more than, I don’t know, 1200 years, after having invaded and populated it reluctantly on the part of the population, who already occupied the territory, of the country in which the interviewee herself was born, and George Washington, the hero of her country and who gives his name to the capital, then proclaimed her independence from this monarchy which she says she does I don’t know until then, and which was led, in Washington’s time, by an ancestor of Harry named George, by chance, see you, the same name of the father of the groom’s grandmother whom the lady was going to meet, but had not yet realized where she was entering.

It’s very hard, isn’t it?

I could go on here for hours and hours punctuating so much other nonsense committed during the interview, both by Meghan and the Prince, but I’m going to spare us all as I only have one request to make, now just between me and the queen, please reader remove the conversation now private.

Hello, Lilibeth: I know that you read me and that you will listen to me. You’ve already missed one, then another and another with these two. It’s time to quit, my friend. It is with sorority and a lot of empathy that I tell you, the time has come. Cut off their heads!

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