British tabloids are ironic and highlight contradictions in Meghan and Harry’s interview – 08/08/2021 – World

The interview Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle gave to American presenter Oprah Winfrey on Sunday (7) had wide repercussions in the British tabloids, writing a new episode in the long and controversial journalistic coverage of the couple who has decided to leave the royal. family.

Among other topics, Meghan said some members of the royal family were concerned about the skin color of the couple’s first child, Archie, born in 2019. In this Monday’s print edition (8), the Daily Mail reported released the headline “Blames Meghan the Palace of Racism”, followed by other interview highlights, such as the statement that she was having suicidal thoughts.

“I was too ashamed to speak at the time and ashamed to have to admit it to Harry, especially because I know how many losses he suffered, but I knew if I didn’t speak I would, and I would. didn’t. no longer want to be alive, ”Meghan said. “It was all happening just because I was breathing.”

The Daily Mail website also highlighted the statement, including a banner that read “I wanted to kill myself”. Earlier Monday, the tabloid published articles with repercussions favorable to the royal family, sought to explore the contradictions between the couple’s lines and questioned how prepared Meghan was to be part of British royalty.

Even before the interview and as clips of its content have been revealed in recent days, some tabloids have criticized the US broadcaster CBS’s special. The Daily Mail called the interview a “side show”, while others speculated on the possible consequences of the interview.

“Meghan Markle may never return to the UK after angering the royal family with a bombshell interview with Oprah,” wrote The Sun. According to the newspaper, there are sources at Buckingham Palace fearing the couple have “burned their bridges” so as not to anticipate content being shown to royalty.

After using the term ‘Megxit’, parodying the UK’s departure from the European Union to evoke the crisis between Meghan and the Royal Family, The Sun made a new pun by creating the nickname ‘Megxile’, a junction of the actress’s name with the English word used for “exile”.

Since taking part in their last royal engagement after announcing their departure from royal duties, in March of last year, Meghan and Harry have spent some time in Canada and are currently in Montecito, California.

Prince Harry, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, has said he has to put himself in Meghan’s shoes to understand the control and prejudice she faces as a black woman.

“I spent many years doing the job and learning on my own. But then in my upbringing and in the system that I was raised and exposed to, I was not aware of this. But, my God, it didn’t take long to suddenly realize it, ”he said of racial issues.

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