Revelations that were not released during Meghan and Harry’s interview, according to Oprah – 08/08/2021 – Worldwide

The interview in which Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed explosive details of their lives within the royal family to American TV presenter Oprah Winfrey aired in the United States for 1 hour and 25 minutes on Sunday (7) . But the original material was much longer: 3 hours and 20 minutes. Speaking to CBS … Read more

US breaks vaccination record, but reopening in states could hamper progress – 3/8/2021 – World

The United States broke the daily vaccination record this weekend and on Monday (8) released the long-awaited guidelines for the behavior of Americans vaccinated against Covid-19. Despite the positive data, health officials warn that the danger remains imminent and that loosening restrictions such as social detachment and wearing masks could hamper progress in the country … Read more

Moscow gives up on rehabilitating statue of the father of Soviet terror – 03/08/2021 – Worldwide

Moscow City Hall has dropped the proposal that could replace the statue of the founder of Soviet state terror, Felix Dzerzhinsky, in front of the former KGB headquarters. As Mayor Sergei Sobianin announced this weekend, “statues must unite and not divide society”. “So I think it is right to abandon this process and leave Lubianka … Read more

Banned foreigners will have duty lawyers at airports in Portugal – 03/08/2021 – Worldwide

Fourteen years after the law established the need for lawyers to help immigrants prevented from entering the country, Portuguese airports now have this type of legal obligation. The Brazilians easily lead the classification of nationalities prohibited on arrival in Portugal. Over the past three years, the amount has quadrupled. In 2019, the latest year for … Read more

Chinese threat to US hegemony mobilizes White House under Biden – 08/03/2021 – Ian Bremmer

From climate change to responding to the pandemic to relations with the Middle East, President Joe Biden has fundamentally different political priorities than his predecessor. But Biden and Donald Trump fully agree on one point: China is now the only geopolitical rival truly capable of threatening America’s position at the top of the world order. … Read more

Myanmar protesters killed on day of general strike against coup

Three pro-democracy protesters were killed on Monday (8) in Myanmar, amid protests against the country’s military dictatorship. A general strike against the new regime is also gaining momentum. Banks, business establishments and factories remained closed after unions called for more strikes and smother the economy, in order to put pressure on the military command. Civil … Read more

Meeting with Netanyahu postpones Ernesto’s meeting with nasal spray producers – 08/03/2021 – Worldwide

Busy with his election campaign on the eve of the March 23 elections, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tied the agenda of the Brazilian delegation visiting Israel. Brazil’s Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo is reportedly received by the prime minister on Tuesday (9), but, after several changes, he was suddenly summoned for a brief meeting on … Read more

Brazil wants to survey US on ready vaccines stored in AstraZeneca factory – 08/03/2021 – Equilibrium and Health

Brazil will try to get around 10 million ready-to-use doses which it says are stored at an AstraZeneca plant in the United States, according to Piauí governor and National Governors Forum representative Wellington Dias. During a press conference with the Minister of Health, General Eduardo Pazuello, he said that a consultation with the Americans on … Read more