Bolsonaro softens the tone when speaking about Argentina, says he wants to speak alone with Fernández – 3/4/2021 – World

President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) has changed the tone with which he usually refers to Argentina and, in his direct from Thursday (4), said he wanted a meeting alone with President Alberto Fernández at the end of the month, when it will go to the neighboring country to meet for the 30 years of Mercosur.

From a country that Bolsonaro has included in the Communist list since Fernández’s election and regularly used as a negative example in conversations with supporters, Argentina has been called “darling” by the Brazilian president.

“I will now be, it is planned, March 26, to be in Buenos Aires. Our dear Argentina. We will be there to celebrate the 30 years of the creation of Mercosur,” said Bolsonaro.

The president even said that the bloc’s meeting, which also includes Paraguay and Uruguay, would take place in Brazil, but the pro tempore presidency is from Argentina.

The Brazilian president said that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought economic hardship to the world and that he hopes Argentina will succeed in negotiations with the IMF (International Monetary Fund), because “the financial situation in Argentina is enough complicated “.

“The economic success of the countries of South America, including Argentina, is of interest to all of us in South America. Brazil, obviously, is one of the major players.”

Bolsonaro recalled that this will be the first meeting he will have with his counterpart and said that if Fernández is interested he wants to have “a private conversation, the two of us in a corner”.

In 2019, the president even regretted the Argentine election.

“I don’t have a crystal ball, but I think Argentina has chosen badly,” he said during a trip to the United Arab Emirates.

Bolsonaro said he plans to deal with the Argentine president over the gas purchase.

In February, the Secretary for Special Affairs of the Presidency of the Republic, Admiral Flávio Rocha, was in the neighboring country. He has engaged in diplomatic activities in countries which, for ideological reasons, Minister Ernesto Araújo (Foreign Affairs) is having difficulty.

Live, Bolsonaro praised the Chancellor.

“Contrary to what the press says, he is very well connected with all the countries of the world,” said the Brazilian president.

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