Bloomberg sees interest rates jump in Brazil; China talks about insolvency – 03/02/2021 – Nelson de Sá

At Bloomberg, the financial market “has started betting on the biggest interest rate hike in a decade” in Brazil. And “the liquidation of assets has worsened amid growing concern over the country’s fiscal outlook.”

Bet on a 0.75 point jump from the Central Bank in two weeks. Illustrate with, among other images, the interventions of British Columbia on the exchange rate, without success:

In the same vein, Chinese financier Caixin highlighted an article by former vice-minister He Yafei, warning that the largest economies “have exhausted their financial tools” in the pandemic, but “an unlimited relaxation of the currency, negative interest rates, large-scale stimulus measures are not free lunch: a price will have to be paid ”.

He gave just one example: “Now countries like Brazil are threatened with insolvency.”


In the Wall Street Journal, “American farmers are planting more than ever”, noting “the increase in demand for American soybeans in China”.

Industry-centric sites in the United States bring headlines such as “All Eyes on Buying from China.” Specifically, is targeting the second year of “phase 1” of the trade agreement between the two, with an even higher import target, especially soybeans.

At the same time, American and Indian websites highlight the difficulties encountered by Brazilian soybean and sugar production.


The US president spoke to the Mexican again, but shortly before the White House announced, during the WSJ call, that “Biden does not plan to share vaccines with Mexico”, as the colleague had asked. The vaccines have already been purchased by Mexico, but US pharmaceuticals have provided delivery.

“The president has made it clear that he is focused on ensuring vaccines for all Americans,” said the White House spokeswoman.


At the head of India’s leading newspaper, Jagran, “Biden may deprive developing countries of vaccine.” He quotes US lawmakers and lawmakers who have asked the White House to release vaccines developed by the United States, for production by India and others, to no response.

“Without this, many will not have access to the vaccine until 2024,” the newspaper said.


From the Washington Post (above, with Estação da Luz) to CNN, the WSJ and many others, US coverage has returned to attention on the pandemic in Brazil, “worse than ever.” The WP highlights the alert it heard from Miguel Nicolelis, of Duke University:

“If not, Brazil will be the largest open laboratory in the world to mutate the virus.”

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