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After a night of disagreement and “radio silence”, Inpe (National Institute for Space Research) held a public demonstration on Wednesday (3) indicating that everything is under control with the first 100% Brazilian imaging satellite, Amazon-1. When passing through independent tracking stations in Italy and the United States on Tuesday, the flashing signal indicated a possible abnormal rotation.

In an interview with TV Vanguarda, Globo’s subsidiary in São José dos Campos (SP), the director of the institute, Clezio di Nardin, said there were no problems with the spaceship. “It’s not a fact that he’s out of control. The launch of the satellite was a success. There is no record of complications. “

According to him, the satellite is also going through a qualification phase, as is usual with all new satellites. “We test all of the satellite’s subsystems. Turning the battery, panels, camera on and off, including some maneuvers to get them into precise orbit. This first phase lasts until March 15th, and then we have the first final, official picture of Inpe. “

In contact with the project participants, who prefer not to be identified, the star messenger found that the satellite was indeed injected into orbit at a higher rotational speed than expected, but has already been stabilized, according to the same sources. Amazônia-1 was launched last Sunday (28) by an Indian PSLV rocket and is the first to use the multi-mission platform developed by Inpe to reduce the costs of future spacecraft. The satellite cost between manufacture and launch was R $ 380 million, the result of 13 years of work.

We are still delighted that Amazônia-1 and Inpe are successful in this important space project.

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