Protesters protest after family and government allies cut Argentina vaccine queue – 02/27/2021 – Worldwide

Hundreds of people gathered in various neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, from 5 pm Saturday (27), to protest against the scandal called “carries vaccines”.

In recent weeks, it turned out that at least 70 people had skipped the line to receive the coronavirus vaccine. They were politicians, advisers to politicians, former presidents, family members and even government-aligned media reporters.

The scandal has already toppled then health minister Ginés González García, who was forced to resign after journalist Horácio Verbitsky, alongside Cristina Kirchner, announced he had been asked to skip the line .

Throughout the week, the court carried out searches and seizures of places where it is suspected that they served as a vaccination center for those selected.

Some of the places where this happened were in the Posadas hospital, one of the largest in Argentina, and in the building of the Ministry of Health itself.

The meeting points for the march were several – the obelisk and the Congress Square between them. The idea was to walk or drive to Praça de Maio. Another call took place in front of the Olivos residence, where President Alberto Fernández and his family live.

The demonstrators, at the start of the demonstration, carried Argentinian flags and posters with inscriptions against the government and asking the population for vaccines.

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