“ The Chinese government system is not our concern, ” says Kátia Abreu – 02/26/2021 – Worldwide

Recently elected president of the Senate Committee on External Relations and National Defense, Kátia Abreu (PP-TO) criticizes the ideological component of the foreign policy led by Chancellor Ernesto Araújo and says he does not belong to the Brazilian government of ‘express an opinion about the government. system in China.

“Minister Ernesto must have his qualities, otherwise he would not have been chosen for Itamaraty. I just think that [ele] he must rethink these ideological concepts, ”she said, in an interview with Folha, in her office on Thursday (25).

“If it didn’t work in the left-wing government, it won’t work in the right-wing government,” said the senator, recalling the period when PT administrations were criticized for betting their tokens on South cooperation. South.

Abreu was Minister of Agriculture in the Dilma Rousseff government and vice-presidential candidate on Ciro Gomes (PDT) slate in 2018. Linked to agribusiness, she was chosen to head the commission during the biennium 2021-2022.

The senator argues that Ernesto must abandon the rhetoric of confrontation with the Chinese Communist dictatorship. The Chancellor has a history of shocks with Beijing.

Ernesto has previously declared that Brazil “will not sell the soul” to export iron ore and soybeans and more recently attacked what he called the “technototalitarianism” of countries with “different models of society” – references to China.

In addition, the Chancellor has practically cut off dialogue with the Chinese Embassy in Brasilia. He even called for the resignation of diplomat Yang Wanming. The request was ignored.

“The Chinese government system is not my concern. Brazil is a seller, a trader in agricultural products and so many others. We are not here to discuss it. [o sistema político da China]”said Abreu.

“We want to prove that our product is good, that it has consistency and that we are able to deliver,” said the senator.

“So fighting with China – or saying ‘I don’t like China because of its system of government’ – is none of our business. It’s none of our business, it’s the Chinese business. . “

Despite criticism of the current foreign policy ideology, she said it was not for her to assess whether or not Ernesto could stay in power.

“I wouldn’t want to say that no minister should or should leave, it’s a presidential prerogative. Now I think, yes, that [ele] there have to be behavior changes, ”he said.

“There are things that are no longer an option, they are an imposition. We don’t have the possibility of not wanting China, we do not have the possibility of not wanting the European Union”, said the senator.

The Committee on Foreign Affairs and National Defense heard from all the diplomats appointed to command embassies abroad. The new command of the collegiate church arouses apprehension among Ernesto’s allies in Itamaraty.

Abreu was at the center of the Chancellor’s biggest defeat in the Senate: the rejection of the appointment of diplomat Fabio Marzano as head of the Brazilian mission to the UN (United Nations) in Geneva.

The senator guaranteed that she had not ordered a negative vote for Marzano. She said, however, that there was solidarity from other senators after her disagreement with the diplomat. According to Abreu, the Senate gave a “general signal” with the rejection.

The senator also said that the government should “abandon denialism” on environmental issues to allow the European Union-Mercosur trade agreement to move forward.

“This denial, this [não] has global warming, this deforestation [não] It’s bad. It is the universal flag that we all stand for today. To deny this is to want to deny human rights, which is indisputable, which all countries believe and which is no longer even discussed ”, he declared.

One of the first actions promised by the senator is to organize a trip to Brussels to invite European parliamentarians to visit the Amazon.

“When are you going to make a product, what are your concerns? It’s with your customer, who you’re going to buy with,” he said.

“So if I want to sell in Europe, what does my European customer want? He wants there to be no illegal deforestation where the product comes from. It’s his right. We can turn our backs and say that Europe does not interest us., which we do not want to sell. Can we [fazer] this? No.”

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