NYT issues virus variant threat alert in NY 02/25/2021 – Nelson de Sá

With the image below, The New York Times made headlines late in the day for New York, where “Everything Seems So tenuous,” a phrase from a Columbia University epidemiologist to describe the new variants. which “threaten the advance of NY”.

A variation, in fact. “Two studies published this week say that a new variant in the city has started to spread. Called B.1.526, it shares characteristics with variants found in South Africa and Brazil that have been shown to weaken vaccine efficacy.

The Columbia and Caltech studies also identified the first cases of the South African and Brazilian variants in the city. New York lags behind in reducing cases compared to the rest of the country, according to the newspaper.


The Wall Street Journal again devoted numerous reports to the advancement of vaccines in China and Russia, now in Latin America. “Instead of seeking help from the United States, countries have so far relied on Washington’s global rivals,” he posted on the homepage.

In the house of the Chinese Global Times, “China and Russia are helping solve vaccine shortages in developing countries given the absence of Western countries.”

The NYT, on the other hand, paid more attention to the delivery of what it called “the first big batch of doses” by Covax, “the ambitious global vaccination effort” that the United States has begun to deliver. encourage, after refusing to abandon the Americans. vaccines.

He went to Africa, only 600,000 doses, produced in India. “The goal is to reach two billion doses this year,” said the newspaper.


After the agreement with China to withdraw the soldiers from the border, now “India and Pakistan announce a ceasefire for the first time in 20 years”, in the Washington Post appeal.

In The Times of India at his home, listening to New Delhi after the ceasefire, “India is open to improving relations with Pakistan.”


In the Global Times’ call, linked to the PC, “China and Singapore are conducting joint naval exercises in the South China Sea.”

And according to the South China Morning Post, “China is responding to US escalation in the South China Sea with bombing exercises,” according to information released by the country’s largest network, CCTV.


According to NBC, the Joe Biden government will release a 2018 CIA report, which “concluded that Prince Mohammed bin Salman approved the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi” by Saudi agents.

The Washington Post, where he was a columnist, began to highlight a memory of the case, with the image above.

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