World Has Last Chance To Avoid Climate Catastrophe, Says Kerry – 23/02/2021 – World

The United States will accelerate reductions in carbon dioxide emissions and negotiate global commitments to tackle climate change, said Biden government’s Special Climate Secretary John Kerry.

According to him, the COP-26 global climate meeting, which will take place in Glasgow (Scotland) in November of this year, will be “our last best chance to get on the right track and get results” against change. climate. In April, US President Joe Biden will hold a virtual leaders’ meeting to prepare for the COP.

Kerry spoke at the launch of the global Recover Better Together campaign, co-sponsored by the WHO (World Health Organization), the European Union and Global Citizen, a non-governmental movement that aims to end the extreme poverty by 2030.

The new campaign wants to coordinate efforts to end the pandemic with investments that involve fewer emissions, less hunger, more education and less inequality.

In another protest under the slogan “America is Back,” launched by President Joe Biden, the secretary said the US commitment to zero emissions is firm and the country will make additional efforts to achieve it.

“Big polluters need to reduce our emissions faster than anyone, in greater amounts than any other, because 17 countries account for about 85% of all emissions in the world,” he said. He also said funding is needed for the poorest polluting countries, without which they will not be able to switch to cleaner energy.

In opposition to what has defended the administration of President Donald Trump, Kerry has stressed the need for multilateral actions to save the planet. According to him, success will depend on “having the best tools in the public and private sectors”.

“Success also means supporting communities that have long been left behind and creating more equality. It also means creating millions of jobs and having less pollution, less cancer, less lung or heart problems. ”

The US secretary also mentioned again that he sees climate change as a security issue – he said he had just come out of a Security Council meeting, in which he defended the topic to be on the agenda.

At the Munich security conference last week, he had already argued that global warming is a “threat multiplier” which can “undermine the peace and stability of countries”.

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