The vaccine is for American weapons, answers USA; China advances – 02/21/2021 – Nelson de Sá

At the G7, Emmanuel Macron pressured the group of rich countries, including the United States, to send vaccines to Africa and other regions, citing competition from China and Russia.

Joe Biden didn’t even comment, but the Financial Times, which interviewed Macron, sued him and pointed out that “the Biden government says the priority is to ‘vaccinate Americans’, rejecting a French proposal.” An American official said the aim was to inject “American weapons”.

The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times did not report, but produced critical texts such as “China offers vaccines to increase influence, with US on the sidelines” and “Russia offers vaccines. million doses, but has limited production “. Or: “How China uses a vaccine promise as a diplomatic carrot.”

From Lima, Peru, the Washington Post reported how the country and others, “with Western vaccines locked away by rich countries,” turned to China “and, to a lesser extent, to Russia.”


From Salvador, Bahia, the German Handelsblatt reported the “turnaround in Latin America”, with Chile, Brazil and Mexico “vaccinating much faster now” and already topping the world lists. Highlights Governor João Doria, who “negotiated directly with the Chinese government and with Sinovac”.


From Bogotá airport, the Chinese news channel CGTN showed the arrival of Sinovac vaccines on Saturday (20).

And CNN produced an in-depth analysis of the progress of the Russian vaccine in six Latin American countries, noting that “America’s closest ally, Colombia, is on the verge of clearing Sputnik V.”


India, which had offered developing countries the British AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine, returned this weekend, as the Times of India and others have reported.

According to the owner of the pharmaceutical company that produces the immunizer in the country, it was “geared towards prioritizing India’s huge needs”.


After South Africa, which wants to return the AstraZeneca offer it received, it is now Switzerland which, according to Swiss Neue Zürcher Zeitung, is considering giving up the immunizer. Like the United States and others, the country has yet to approve the use of the British vaccine.


WP and others have reported that the US vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna “have reduced efficacy against the South African variant”. The South China Morning Post pointed out that “Sinovac claims good results against variants.”


At Bloomberg, three of HSBC’s executives will move from London to Hong Kong (above) and “95% of the bank’s net turnover will be managed” in the Chinese city. He made headlines in the Financial Times in London.

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