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Spain, year of the metal ox on the Chinese calendar. The very day of the arrest of rapper Pablo Hasél, causing a series of demonstrations for freedom of expression across the country, another young “icon” rose on the media and viral podium of the networks.

But for very different reasons.

It was last Saturday (12), in Madrid, during an event of some 300 people called by the neo-Nazi organization Juventude Patriota.

During the act – a tribute to the Blue Division, formed by Spanish volunteers who fought in World War II under the orders of Adolf Hitler – the young woman took over the microphone.

Among other pearls, she sent this: “The enemy will always be the same, even if he has different masks: the Jew. Because there is nothing more specific than this statement: the Jew is to blame.

Well, how crazy, a guy arrested for singing against the monarchy and a teenage girl on the loose making the lure of Heil Hitler in red.

Pear. Before continuing, consider:

Take a look at the pic and tell me if the Instagram influencer face is, unfortunately, a staple part of the show.

Along with the looks, the faces and mouths he punctuates his speech with have become a meme, a commentary, a presence replicated by 1308741708 in our retinas tired of so much news.

(and for me here too, because, no, we can’t leave him alone)

Of course, the bastard went viral.


Isabel Medina Peralta, 18, a history student, is the daughter of Juan Manuel Medina, a current member of the Popular Party. One is a right-wing cardholder, with experience related to the National Alliance, a Spanish neo-Nazi party.

Because, surprisingly, this ultraconservative father (and she’s the one who recounts in one of the many interviews he’s “ won ” in recent days) threw her out of the house, alarmed and tired of trying. to take the books out of his hands. “My parents don’t talk to me,” he says.

With the immediate viralization of the young woman’s anti-Semitic speech this week, some quickly linked the Nazitrupe to Vox, Spain’s far-right party, prone to xenophobic, homophobic and racist speech.

In a Twitter account that has since been closed by the platform, Peralta replied: nananine. “They [Vox] they are Zionists, capitalists, democrats and constitutionalists. We don’t. ”Oh, there.

The contradictory dance of deisms and other supersupprainfraconceptions in xovem’s speeches tickles me. Sadness. Hysteria. Horror.

The young girl declares herself “fascist”, but in favor of a “socialist regime”.

However, she denies the nickname “Nazi influencer” given to him by a news agency. “I would never define myself as a Nazi,” he said in an interview with El Español newspaper, which he nicknamed “Falangist muse”. “I consider myself a National Socialist and a fascist, but for me Nazi is just a shave that appears in Hollywood movies.”


Anote, who then comes with the infallible recipe to be a good National Socialist-non-Nazi: “In him, elegance prevails, listen to Wagner (sic), he is not devoted to the trickster or vandalism, but he is beats for some continue with them ”.

Before being kicked off social media, Peralta even introduced the universe to other atrocities. “Our dark civilization at the end of a foul-smelling rainbow,” he tweeted, in Wagnerian homophobic thunder.

At other times, he described immigrants as “bragging (trash, rest)” which is devoted to “rape and theft”, declared racist (“I am not in favor of miscegenation” … .. ಠ_ಠ! !), against feminism (“he deforms women and manipulates her”), and so on, because it suffices to give ibope for so much shit.

No, we can’t just treat her like a crazy young lady with a red lipstick. Unfortunately, it is much more than that. Behind this “influencer”, people dance with Hamelin’s flute.

The Spanish Federation of Jewish Communities (FCJE) condemned Peralta’s speech and demanded a public inquiry for hate crime.

Isabel, from the Hebrew Elisheba. Peralta, from Pedralta, upper area of ​​Navarre, and Medina (town, in Arabic) – two toponymic surnames adopted by many Sephardic Jews over the centuries.

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