Fuga para Frente’s interview series addresses challenges of journalism and democracy – 02/19/2021 – Folha 100 ANOS

When a pioneering aspect of Folha was adopted by the competition, Otavio Frias Filho (1957-2018), managing director of the newspaper for 34 years, said: “We must flee ahead!”.

According to the reporter, the best way for Folha to remain Folha was to look to the future, thinking about the next new thing.

This is the origin of the name Fuga para Frente for the series of interviews that incorporate the celebrations of 100 years of Folha. The project brings together eight influential names from Brazil and abroad in fields such as journalism, social media, literature and economics.

In conversations with Folha journalists, these guests discuss contemporary issues in journalism, Brazilian and international politics, and the challenges of democracy and digital communication.

Anglo-Indian writer Salman Rushdie, author of books like “The Satanic Verses” and “The Children of Midnight”, begins the series this Friday (19).

Next week, the project will include interviews with representatives of journalism, such as Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ben Smith, both of the American newspaper The New York Times, and the veteran and oft-awarded Seymour Hersh.

Another highlight is Sally Lehrman, an American journalist who heads the Trust Project, an initiative that aims to develop protocols and tools for identifying reliable content on the Internet.

Two guests are in the world of economics, albeit on different fronts: Brazilian businesswoman Luiza Trajano and Serbo-American economist Branko Milanovic, one of today’s leading academics on issues linked to social inequalities.

Sunday (28), Fuga para Frente receives the youtuber and businessman Felipe Neto, an increasingly influential name on the Brazilian public scene.

See when the interviews will be published

Friday (19)
Salman Rushdie, Anglo-Indian writer. The winner of the Booker Prize, among other prizes, launches the novel “Quixote

Monday (22)
Luiza Helena Trajano, President of the Board of Directors of Magazine Luiza and Founder of Grupo Mulheres do Brasil

Tuesday (23)
Seymour Hersh, one of America’s top journalists. He is the author of the book “Repórter – Memórias”

Wednesday (24)
Nikole Hannah-Jones, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for Project 1619, on the legacy of black slavery in the United States

Thursday (25)
Branko Milanovic, Serbo-American economist, author of “Capitalism without Rivals”

Friday (26)
Sally Lehrman, American journalist who heads the Trust Project

Saturday (27)
Ben Smith, New York Times media columnist

Sunday (28)
Felipe Neto, youtuber and entrepreneur, is one of the most popular Brazilian internet personalities

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