Folha starts publishing reports from Portuguese newspaper Público – 02/18/2021 – Worldwide

Folha and Público, one of Portugal’s leading newspapers, have reached a content reproduction agreement, another step forward in the partnership between the two vehicles. The arrangement allows the publication of Público reports in Folha, as well as news from the Brazilian newspaper in the Portuguese media.

The new agreement is signed the year Folha turns 100 and Público turns 31. The Portuguese newspaper is the only generalist in the country to offer a daily edition. Online, it is among the most viewed in the country, with more than 35,000 digital subscribers in September. In 2019 it won the 21st edition of the European Newspaper Design of the Year award in the National Newspaper category.

Folha is the most widely distributed newspaper in Brazil. In 2020, it sold an average of 337,854 copies per day, in the sum of its digital and print versions, according to IVC Brasil (Instituto Verificador de Comunicação). With the coverage of the pandemic, Folha’s digital signature sales have increased by 200%.

Officially, around 151,000 Brazilians live in Portugal, according to the SEF (Foreigners and Borders Service). The actual number, however, is much higher. This account does not include those who have the nationality of Portugal or of another country of the European Union, in addition to those who live in a situation of irregular migration.

The Portuguese community in Brazil is also expressive. According to the Embassy’s estimate, there are around 1 million Portuguese nationals in Brazil (including citizens with dual citizenship).

As of July of last year, readers of both publications already had a combined subscription.

The semi-annual contract for those living in Brazil, but not yet subscribed to Folha, is R $ 238.80, which can be paid in six installments of R $ 39.80. This equates to a monthly discount of 45% off the total price (R $ 71.90). Subscription can be done at this address.

For subscribers, Público’s semi-annual subscription is R $ 119.40, which can also be paid in six installments of R $ 19.90. The reduction is 56% of the monthly price – today equivalent to 7 euros (R $ 45.21). To subscribe, simply go to this page.

Upon registration, within 48 hours, the reader will receive a voucher to access Público.

In Portugal, it is possible to take out an annual subscription for both vehicles for 99.90 euros (645.15 R $), which corresponds to 8.33 euros per month (53.80 R $). The full subscription fee to the Portuguese newspaper is 78 euros (R $ 503.72).

Subscribers have access to all digital content from Folha and Público, such as daily newspaper publishing, breaking news, archives, columns and blogs, exclusive newsletters, podcasts and a wide range of cultural events .

The links to subscribe may not open in native apps, but just access them from your phone’s browser or desktop.

Another partnership between the two vehicles is the Readings Meeting, a series of online book events, with monthly editions.

The initiative began in December last year and features discussions of breathtaking novels, essays, memorabilia and reports. The format is similar to that of book clubs, where each participant can talk about the book under discussion, and each month there is a guest writer or expert.

The meetings are moderated by journalists Isabel Coutinho, responsible for the website of the Portuguese newspaper dedicated to books, Leitura, and Úrsula Passos, Folha reporter and coordinator of the Folha Reading Club, dedicated solely to fiction, which has existed since August 2017.

The idea of ​​the reading meeting is to promote meeting nights for Portuguese-speaking readers, taking advantage of the new custom of virtual meetings due to the pandemic to promote a discussion on books between people from different countries.

At the premiere in December, the meeting took place with Angolan writer Ondjaki. In the second edition, in January this year, the guest was the Portuguese Valter Hugo Mãe.

Folha also broadcasts content from the American newspapers The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, the British Financial Times, the Chinese Caixin, the Portuguese Diário de Notícias (Global Media) and the Chilean La Tercera, as well as the BBC world services. (United Kingdom), Deutsche Welle (Germany) and RFI (France).

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