Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth, admitted to hospital in UK – 17/02/2021 – Worldwide

Prince Philip, 99, of the United Kingdom, was admitted to a hospital on Tuesday (16), as a precaution after illness, which has nothing to do with Covid-19.

Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, entered King Edward’s 7th Hospital in London, according to a royal family source heard by Reuters.

“The admission of the duke [de Edimburgo, título oficial de Philip] it is a precautionary measure, advised by his doctor, after he feels unwell, “Buckingham Palace said in a statement.

Queen Elizabeth, 94, remains at Windsor Castle, just outside London, where the couple have settled during the pandemic. The two received coronavirus vaccines in January.

Philip, born in Greece and a former naval soldier, married Elizabeth in 1947, five years before taking the throne. He currently makes few public appearances as in 2017 he announced that he would stop attending official events as a representative of the British Royal Family. Throughout his life, he attended over 22,000 ceremonies without the Queen, and thousands more by his side.

The prince, who will turn 100 in June, has been hospitalized several times in recent years. In January 2019, he crashed his car while driving, in an accident that left only minor injuries.

During the pandemic, the royal family visited hospitals and spoke with health officials, in person and online.

Philip’s hospitalization comes just days after the announcement of his return to great-grandfather. On Sunday (14), when Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, revealed they were expecting their second child. In 2020, the couple resigned their royal duties and moved to California, United States.

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