Connected Cars in Insurance Market Report- Share, Size & Trend | Industry Analysis Report, Forecast to 2024

The research reports on Connected Cars in Insurance Market report gives detailed overview of factors that affect global business scope. Connected Cars in Insurance Market report shows the latest market insights with upcoming trends and breakdowns of products and services. This report provides statistics on the market situation, size, regions and growth factors. Connected Cars in Insurance Market report contains emerging players analyze data including competitive situations, sales, revenue and market share of top manufacturers.

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Connected Cars in Insurance Market Report provides an in-depth analysis of the connected motor insurance market. It looks at market size as well as claims, contextual and economic factors, regulation, and opportunities. It provides a thorough overview of the market along with analysis of how the development of connected cars will impact the insurance value chain.

Scope of this report-
– Connected cars are already present on today’s roads, and there are insurance policies specifically designed to leverage the data they collect. These policies are still quite rudimentary and only measure a few variables, but they will become more sophisticated over time.
– Insurers currently leverage data from back boxes and smartphone apps to create a clearer picture of an individual’s risk profile. However, these offerings are mostly targeted towards young drivers, which limits their popularity.
– As connected car technology becomes standard in new cars, car manufacturers will become embedded in the insurance value chain due to the vast amounts of data generated by their fleets. This will open the door for manufacturers to develop their own insurance offerings, increasing competition within the market.

Reasons to buy this Report-
– Benchmark yourself against the rest of the market.
– Ensure you remain competitive as new innovations and insurance models begin to enter the market.
– Be prepared for how regulation will impact the use of connected cars in insurance over the next few years.

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Table of Contents in this Report-
Technology briefing
Technology trends
Macroeconomic trends
Regulatory trends
Industry analysis
The impact of connected cars on the global motor insurance market
Some insurance markets are better prepared for autonomous vehicles than others
The impact of connected cars on the UK insurance market
The connected motor insurance market
Telematics and UBI
Factors limiting uptake of telematics policies
The impact of connected cars on the future motor insurance market
In the UK, the motor insurance market will decline
Connected cars will become the norm
There will be a power struggle in the motor insurance industry
Autonomous vehicles will increasingly play a dominant role
Mergers and acquisitions
Value chain
Public companies
Private companies
Further reading
Appendix: Our thematic research methodology

and more…

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