Lockdown cancels Covid cases in Portugal, but government set to maintain restrictions until March – 02/09/2021 – Worldwide

After facing an uncontrolled pandemic scenario in January – with the country leading the global ranking of new cases and deaths from Covid-19 per million inhabitants – Portugal is now experiencing a sharp drop in coronavirus infections. With around 10 million inhabitants, the country, which reached a record 16,432 new infections in 28 of that … Read more

The global economy will not return to what it was until all countries have brought the pandemic under control – 09/02/2021 – Ian Bremmer

One year after the start of the pandemic, the health effects of Covid-19 speak for themselves: more than 105 million people worldwide are known to be infected and more than 2 million have died. The good news is that effective vaccines are on the way. The bad news is that for the next 12 months, … Read more

Neuroscientist Iván Izquierdo, who trained generations of Brazilian researchers for the world, dies – 09/02/2021 – Science

Neuroscientist Iván Izquierdo died on Tuesday morning (9) in his home in Porto Alegre. The information has been confirmed by the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), an institution with which he has been affiliated since 2004, where he helped found the Rio Grande do Sul Brain Institute (InsCer). The cause of … Read more

With free, unrestricted vaccine, Moscow attracts foreigners and Russians living in Europe – 02/09/2021 – Worldwide

The slow pace of vaccination against Covid-19 in European Union (EU) countries is leading residents of the bloc to start evaluating the possibility of traveling to neighboring Russia to receive the vaccine. Unlike in Europe, the coronavirus vaccination in Russia is no longer limited to the priority group alone, and anyone can receive a dose … Read more

Hungarian government cuts independent radio station – 02/09/2021 – Worldwide

The government of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has shut down one of the country’s main independent radio stations, Klubradio. The Media Council, the regulatory body created by Obán in 2011, refused to renew his license, which expires on Sunday (14). The broadcaster’s license was terminated last year, on the grounds that the company had … Read more