The number of vaccinated exceeds confirmed cases of Covid in the world – 03/02/2021 – World

The number of global vaccinations against Covid-19 has exceeded the total number of confirmed cases, a remarkable moment that highlights the progress being made to contain the pandemic, despite growing concern over the threat of new variants. According to the Financial Times vaccine tracker, the number of doses administered approached 104 million on Wednesday (3), … Read more

US House could remove committees that approved violence

The United States House of Representatives will vote on Thursday (4) on whether or not to remove MP Marjorie Taylor Greene from her post on House committees – forcing Republicans in Congress to take a public position on the newly installed parliamentarian in Georgia. Who endorsed conspiracy theories and calls to lead Democratic politicians on … Read more

The “ Spanish flu ”: mysteries and consequences – 03/02/2021 – Worldwide

After a reference to the so-called “Spanish flu” during an academic event at the Humanities Center at my own university (University of Miami), I couldn’t resist the temptation to question the identification tenacious of the worst epidemic in modern history with the Spanish territory. I suggested that these references be accompanied in written information by … Read more

Bolsonaro and the President of Uruguay defend the “flexibilisation” of Mercosur and talk about the meeting of the leaders of the bloc – 02/03/2021 – Marché

President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) and Uruguayan leader Luis Lacalle Pou defended this Wednesday (3) changes to the rules of Mercosur (3) so that countries have more freedom to negotiate with countries outside the bloc. The two leaders, who had lunch at the Palácio da Alvorada in Brasília, also announced that the leaders of … Read more