Negotiations to form a new government fail in Italy – 02/02/2021 – Worldwide

The round of negotiations to form a new government in Italy collapsed on Tuesday (2), after differences between the parties in the governing coalition, said the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Roberto Fico.

The announcement comes after nearly four days of consultations at the request of Italian President Sergio Mattarella, to restore the parliamentary majority that supported Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who resigned in an attempt to break the deadlock.

Faced with this scenario, the president called a meeting with the former head of the European Central Bank Mario Daghi for this Wednesday (3) and should invite him to form a new government. “I have a duty to appeal to all political forces [para apoiar] high-level government, ”Mattarella said.

As head of the ECB, Draghi has been credited with pushing the eurozone to the brink of collapse in 2012. He has practically disappeared from the public eye since his tenure ended in October 2019, but his name has emerged like a possible prime minister lately. weeks due to political, economic and health unrest in Italy.

The economist has yet to comment on the presidential call. It is also unclear which parties in the deeply divided parliament would support a government under their command.

Conte’s resignation last Tuesday (26) was the result of a political maneuver which could, despite his departure, return to power, but on the shoulders of a new coalition.

Acting, he said he had no choice but to leave the post after the small Italia Viva party, led by former prime minister Matteo Renzi, abandoned the government boat by harshly criticizing the leadership .

The departure of Renzi’s party left the coalition that kept Conte in power without an absolute majority in the Senate, which in practice would compromise the country’s governance.

So playing within the rules of parliamentarism, Conte opted for resignation in order to return to power supported by a new alliance of parties, as he did himself in 2019.

Renzi criticizes the way Conte handled the response to the coronavirus pandemic – which has infected 2.5 million people and caused more than 87,000 deaths in Italy – and accuses the prime minister of centralizing decisions on how to spend resources granted by the European Union on the economic recovery plan for the post-pandemic period.

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